Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking the Town

Today we started off by checking out our view from the balcony as the sun was finally shining!  The weather is mild and we have 70 degrees + today – and only a few short sleeve shirts for the girls – yikes! 

If you look at the photo below, you can see the top of Starbucks (the green unbrella is one of their tables)  It’s right below our room’s balcony.   The pedestrian area is also right in front of Starbucks where you see the old people in red playing badmitton to the right.  Our location is FABULOUS and so much better and quieter than the H.I. Shifu area.  THANK YOU HEARTSENT  for making me stay here!!!! I’m so thankful we ended up at the Victory! (West Wing) 

After breakfast, we got the TB tests checked – all was well.   Our guide was sick – so we ordered him home as no one wanted to catch whatever is going around! 

Our Heartsent group and another couple families headed over to the Pet Market Alley and got the obligatory pics of strange items - seahorses drying on the ground, some kind of lizard on a stick - and cute turtles and bunnies.

We found our way to the big outdoor Mall where we purchased DVD’s last time.  We bought some kiddie DVD’s – still no Karate Kid or other movies we were looking for – but lots of Barbie!  We also got a “Happy Goat Movie” for $2 – the girls love it.

After the DVD shop, we went to McD’s across the street – it was very clean and the McFlurry tasted good in the heat!  I’m wearing my underarmor meant for subzero temps – so I needed something cold.  I had my 20th Happy Meal for the trip – which made me happy…haha.  McD’s is safe – and I’m all about not getting sick on this trip.

After we rest a bit, we’ll head to the playground – Sarah and Jenny LOVE it – and Rachel chases them around. 

Last night, a toddler followed Rachel around – asking her to hold her hand on the slide everytime.  It was so cute.  I got a pic of the two of them as Rachel thought she was adorable.

We also enjoyed walking around last night before baths.  The weather is just beautiful and we really like the Island.  I still haven’t shopped (other than the DVD’s)  but plan on doing that tomorrow.  The girls are so much happier now that they’re getting outside to play!

I am feeling much better today after forcing myself to bed at 8pm and losing the queasy feeling of yesterday.  It’s tough when you’re not on your “A” Game when traveling and coping with 3 kiddo’s and various food and laundry needs!   We met another nice couple who adopted twin 7 year old girls.  They are precious – and had been labeled mentally retarded.  Not so!  They’ve been here two weeks – so know the place well. 

Thank you for the prayers – you all have been so faithful and we are the recipients of God’s mercy the entire trip.  I’m so thankful that everything has gone so well.  Sarah is really starting to slow a bit (from 200 to 100 mph!)  I bought Jenny more socks to alleviate morning whining (she loses them constantly)  She’s pretty easy to keep happy.  Sarah enjoys her saltine crackers – so as long as those are plentiful she’s ok.  Only 2 more full days – the most important with Consulate appointments. 

Love you all! Kim


  1. Cannot wait to meet these beautiful girls and hug your neck sweet friend!!!! Caleb has really enjoyed looking at the pics and seeing what Rachel has been up to!

  2. Oh Kim, I think you must be Super Woman! I'm glad you are so happy at your hotel. It's definitely helpful to feel comfortable where you are "living" to help you keep your sanity. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm sure you know this because you've been through this before, but physical activity is very important to help kids work through stress so getting out to the playground is very good for them! So glad the weather is cooperating.

    Big hugs to you all.

  3. Enjoy that beautiful weather! I loved the Island, it just seemed so peaceful and safe. Blessings.

  4. Kim, we met the twins too. Aren't they PRECIOUS?? Can you believe they are they 13th and 14th children for their parents? What a great family! Tell them HELLO for us!

    We got the best deals at Michael's Place. The girls there are so sweet! I told them we would send our friends there. They will probably remember our little Shanghai boy.

    Glad you are enjoying the island! It reminds me so much of home!!! :)