Friday, April 18, 2014

Conner is coming home!

For those of you who followed our trip to China in 2012, you may remember a talented blind boy we happened to see while touring Jenny's SWI.  The director allowed us to video tape his piano playing, (you can see it  here)  and across the ocean, on the other side of the world, God was preparing his parents' hearts.  After two long years of mixed up paperwork and challenges, they left on a plane yesterday to bring this sweet boy home.  Both are former piano teachers. :)  We serve a great God - praising him today for this sweet boy's family.  You can follow along with them here:



Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring is here!!

We headed out yesterday for an Easter egg hunt but forgot our park pass and had to find something else to do. We ended up at the bridge park early, meeting some friends for a windy bridge climb and beautiful views.

Sarah and Jenny were thrilled as they hadn't done this before.  It was so windy that the little wispy blond girl was blown over!  It was fun to see all the young moms in the park with their toddlers and strollers.  Sadly, a little boy was left alone at the park (yep - here in Mt. Pleasant) and the police had to take him.  It was sad for my girls to see with their own abandonment stories.

It was fun to see some ladies that are just starting their Isagenix journeys - Rene has already lost 23 lbs in a little more than a month!  I love seeing people get healthy - and hubby and I are now at our goal weight. It's so fun to "shop in my own closet," and to see the kids following our lead in healthy eating.  That is, till Mom gets involved.  I took them to Whole Foods and bought them Easter treats - yikes!  I suppose a little here and there is ok.  I'll pack more lemon bars next time! :)

Our most exciting news was when I gave in and had my cholesterol tested after a little over 4 weeks.  I was DOWN 40 POINTS - and only in the bad stuff - LDL's and Triglycerides!!!!  I took a picture as I'm such a skeptic and wanted others to have some proof!  Here is is. :)

So I've sounded like a bit of a looney toon on my fb page - hawking Isagenix - but it's such a huge weight off my chest to not have my docs pressing me to go back on statins.  They cause me severe joint and muscle pain for some reason - and I've avoided them for the last 4 years.  With young children, it's been a worry to have such high numbers.... Hoping others can find some relief! I'm back to my flight school day numbers - and tried on my flight suit to see if it still fit!

I'm planning the girl's homeschooling classes for next year and am so excited as Rachel is moving into Algebra.  It's my favorite math class and I can't wait to work on it with her!  She'll also be starting Spanish with SeƱor Cancino at BJU Press - he's hilarious and lots of fun with the kids - I enjoyed the class when my boys took it.  The littles will be doing Elementary Spanish, as the Hebrew was a little too challenging for my newest girls and the big girls had no one to practice with.  We have lots of Spanish speakers in town. :) They love the little hedgehog puppet and Bible Club songs.  It would be a great help with a Latin America missions trip!

The girls have been doing incredibly well in school.  Jenny and Sarah have both beat us all at Bananagrams - a fast paced Scrabble like game.  Their English progress is amazing!  Jenny still has difficulty expressing herself with helping verbs and tenses, but younger Sarah sounds almost native.  Jenny is reading beautifully, however, and is completely immersed in Gloria Whelan's Impossible Journey right now as we study the Russian Revolution.  We read Angel on the Square aloud, and the girls hung on every word.  GREAT story!!

We're loving our new healthy life and learning to cook with new healthy ingredients.  Hubby has mastered the Kale Superfood Salad which is mediocre at best at Whole Foods.  I'm glad I gave in to desperation and tried the Isagenix plan - it's really changed the way we eat in a fun and easy way.  I'm keeping one shake a day because I love it as a base for smoothies, and the extra protein is a great supplement to our diet.  Can't give up the Ionix Supreme and Isalean Bars, either (especially the Lemon!) - and it's nice to know that if I'm not counting calories well, I can just do a few days of 2 shakes and get back on track.  Praying for those whose journey to health is longer - it's so worth it!

Blessings, Kim