Friday, February 3, 2012

Going Native

I had to take a few parting pics at breakfast.  We've been trying to eat healthy foods to handle such a long trip.  Only problem is, they're almost always served at breakfast!  So in order to get my veggies in, I have to have my broccoli with my coffee and donut in the morning.

I couldn't resist this pic as I wanted to let you know how different things are.  They're both delicious - but not really culinary partners...

The girls love the breakfast, and have jumped right into noodles, broccoli, and fried rice to go with their fried egg and toast.

The breakfast at the Mayflower is awesome!  We eat like there's no tomorrow (actually, today there's not!)  I felt sorry for Jenny today when two kiddos came in to eat breakfast - about her age - and you could tell that she wanted to talk to them so badly.  It must be so hard to listen to our conversation and not be a part of it.  We try to include her, and my Chinese has gotten pretty conversational - but it has no depth and it's hard to let her know what's happening next, etc.

Here's a pic of the bread bar for future travelers:

It really has been a wonderful stay here.  We'll be out of touch for the next day or so as we make our way North.  Can't wait to get set up in the new place - it's like a military detachment - getting the comm's set up, racks installed, and scouting out the local area for food sources, lol!  We appreciate your prayers and love hearing the comments.  We miss you all so much!!!!!!!

Love, Kim, Rachel, and Jenny


  1. Safe travels sweet friend!!!!!

  2. Hi Kim!,
    I have been following your blog. It's great to hear things are going so well!!! I look forward to the next Gotcha day and will continue praying for you and your girls!
    Stay warm:)

    Kim Leitermann

  3. Be safe and know that many prayers are being lifted on your behalf. Can't wait to see Sarah!

  4. Kim - I pray you and your "troop" have safe travels up to the tundra-like weather of north China! I pray for your hearts that are missing home and I pray for Jenny and Sarah as they adjust to a whole new life with a family that treasures them! I pray they will soon treasure you also (if they don't already :))! Love, Jenni

  5. Prayers for an easy trip up North. Stay warm!! Can't wait to see one more girl in all your photos!! :)

  6. Glad to hear you had a good breakfast. Emme still sometimes asks for noodles for breakfast. I figure energy is energy whether cereal, eggs, or noodles.

    Wishing you safe travels to your next destination!


  7. Praying for little Sarah to have confidence and courage and for Jenny to have peace as she leaves her province. I'm enjoying following your trip! Asking the Lord to give you continued good health and strength!

  8. Hope you made it safely. Give a buzz. Angie