Friday, March 14, 2014

Lovin' Life!

We are happy, happy, happy (as Phil would say) with our healthy changes around here.  I'm on day 18 of my Isagenix 30 Day Plan and really enjoying the shakes and dinners.   I started off a little sad on the first two days as I really find joy in baked goods - I "live to eat," vs. those who "eat to live."  But I've been learning to find new, healthy ways of cooking that satisfy my fun in the kitchen and leave me feeling full after meals.

I've lost 8 lbs total - only 1 in the last week - but many more inches.  I've been working out harder and the high concentration of protein is keeping the muscle while shedding the fat - no starvation stuff - so I'm actually gaining muscle weight at the same time.  I feel very energetic - so much so that I researched the ingredients to make sure there were no stimulants (there weren't) and attribute much to the natural potent sources of B vitamins in the products.  I'm definitely much more aware of what and when I eat, and have felt very little temptation to cheat.  Especially when I'm back in my skinny jeans and belt:

We've also started some new healthy habits - like walks after dinner and more outdoor time (instead of so much indoor baking time) and everyone is enjoying it. Even the dog!

The girls and I are doing run/walks on my off bike days and so they are getting more exercise, too!

The shakes are yummy and we've experimented with all kinds of low cal additions:  strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. Did I mention I love the little gadgety $40 blender?! :)

The girls are learning to eat better by watching mama! And I'm giving them an afternoon half shake to help them with nutritional deficits as well.  There have been all kinds of stories of adopted children improving cognitively and emotionally from the nutritional supplementation.  They just like the way they taste with bananas and berries!

In short, Isagenix is somewhat of a miracle program - and here's why (in my humble opinion):

  • There's little left to choice - 2 shakes, 2 100 cal snacks, and one healthy 400-600 cal dinner.
  • Avoiding gluten, coffee, caffeine, sugar, and fatty meats - huge cholesterol inflators - makes you feel better - and the nutritional cleanses help to clear out the toxins with the fat.
  • You learn to control your habits with only one meal and two snacks - doable for most people.
  • You're nutritionally supported while making such big changes.

After a week, I told everyone I knew and started my 71 year old MIL on the program - who is now down 5 lbs in the first week!  It sounds cheesy with all the "build wealth" stuff - but my peeps are in it to get healthy- period.  Hubby is on Day 10 or so, and is back in his old uniform pants. :)  He's found it easy to do on the road.  I've found terrific recipes on and don't miss much of the junk that we've left behind.  The best part is that when I reach my goal, I can easily do a shake day or two to make up for big nights out to dinner, etc.  I am finally in control of my weight and health - it's not an up and down game anymore.  LOVE IT!
We will likely keep a shake a day (the higher protein Isalean Pro) in our diet to supplement our workouts and "make up days."  :)  We love the tangy "Want More Energy" mix that gives you a B12 boost for midday workouts as well.  The kids love the shakes, and they're a terrific low cal base for smoothies.  So, in short, we highly recommend the program.  You're welcome to contact me here on fb or by email if you'd like to try it for yourself - or find someone you know who can help you get started - you'll see big changes in your energy levels, fitness, and physique.  Loving my new healthier family!

If you're in town, come join me on the back porch for a strawberry shake! :)