Monday, February 6, 2012

She's Happy!!!!

She came wearing a cross with Jesus - on a kind of Buddhist red thread.  She was sad and trying not to cry.  She was SO brave and was so stoic.

Before we went into see her

So brave all by herself

First pic with us - still sad

Warming up to us

A smile with her communication book

Joyful - she loves her big sisters!!

With the orphanage staff - the girl on the left, Catherine, is so sweet!

Goofing around while we wait - she loves to dance and sing - and sang all the way home in the van!

One happy, happy little girl - and a little hyper....

The whole group - a couple from Florida, Denmark, Arkansas - and one other place.

We went for a walk/run after lunch - had a great time until right after I gave Jenny my scarf which she promptly threw up on.  Gotta love exercise on a full belly.  We came back when we could no longer feel our fingers and noses - it's COLD!!!!

Yes - I brought the red glittery shoes - she's wearing them and they fit perfectly!  Hahaha!  Now I don't have to buy slippers!

In short - she's more joyful then we could have ever imagined!  She does little dance routines (and she's good) she's totally hyper - did I mention she spits - everywhere??  ugh.  But very feminine - go figure.  Angie Baker has another dance student FOR SURE!  She's HILARIOUS and LOUD!  Jenny - who never stops talking, is putting her hands over her ears -sweet payback time, hahaha!

Love you all!  Kim


  1. She so gorgeous! I'm glad you've had a smooth introduction. My daughter seemed a little hyper at first but it was all just nerves at all the newness. I'm enjoying your blog and hope you are able to cope with the smog. I'd be dying, I'm sure.

  2. Kim, I'm so happy for you! PTL , It had to be such a comfort to her to see your daughters there too!

  3. YAYYYYY!!!
    God is good, all the time!!
    Bet you can't wait to get to GZ where it is warmer!
    so glad it is going so well
    I will keep praying :)

  4. So sweet to see her go from that sweet little girl by herself to this joyful bundle of energy! Looks like Rachel has a dancing buddy! I hope y'all enjoy your time in her home town! We were praising God yesterday with the answered prayers about concerns that Jenny would be reluctant and she turned out to be this delightful spitfire! Love, J

  5. Super cute Kim! Boy, are you in for some tired days with all that energy! Love how much fun she is having already and how Rachel and Jenny are welcoming her so! Angie

  6. Praise the LORD!!! Your girls are so beautiful, Kim! So happy for answered prayers! :)

    Consulate appt for us tomorrow!!

  7. Love this!! I am totally cracking upat her energy level! I can laugh because I have one just like that broadway star at home:)
    The girls are all just beautiful and boy are they going to have fun together!

  8. Kim,

    I'm so thankful for God's blessing on you and for answered prayer. We will continue to pray for all of you.

    Love, Dorita

  9. ah, the spitting. that was a hard habit for one of mine to break. don't you love that 7 foot tall scroll? we got one during Josie's adoption in November. I'm enjoying following your journey to your girls!

  10. Thank you so much for the posts!! I am cracking up:) They both look so happy to be with you!

  11. Following your journey via Kaye R. We've been home 6 months and are AMAZED at our transitions. A double blessing on your time there--I get home sick for Guangzhou, even though it was rough at times. (and the spitting made me laugh. yup. it's so Chinese.)