Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preparing to Travel

Just a lazy day in the hotel, packing and getting ready to go.  The girls are playing cards, we finished our "Mickey Mouse the Emperor" puzzle, and the girls have done some artwork.  We have to check out at 2pm - but our plane doesn't leave until late.  It will be a challenging day - but the girls have been good.

Jenny is a card shark - she's a quick study at card games but we can't get Sarah to pay attention long enough to learn.

Sarah is wound up right now - but we're hanging in there for a couple of more hours - it's just too dangerous to take her out on the streets.  We just went to the store to buy some chocolates for the ladies in the dining room.  They have gone above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with my wild girls this week!  They understood when we gave it to them.  "Typhoon Sarah" passes through a couple of times a day and generally overwhelms the crowd.  I am stern and firm - and she usually complies - for a while.  But she is loud even when she's good - so we appreciate the good humor of the staff.

Here's some of Sarah's artwork - pretty creative and colorful - happy stuff! 

And here's a link to a boring video of the girls talking to our guide.  The reason I took the video is that it shows more of their personalities - when they're comfortable speaking Chinese.  With us, it's lots of grunts and hand motions - so their intelligence and humor is hard to discern.  I love watching them talk with locals - usually, Jenny makes people laugh.  In this video, there's a bit of whining, which is also a habit with her.  We will have to work on that one!

Girls chatting with Michael

This was a cute song and dance a man at the park did for us:
Man dancing at Park

We're trusting God for smooth travel, and hoping it's not too terribly late when we arrive.  I'll remember that we can always change rooms in the morning - we'll just take what we get when we arrive tonight.  We're SO looking forward to warmer weather in Guangzhou!  The girls will LOVE the Safari Park, but first, Jenny will have to get a load of shots.  She turns 11 the day before the medical, unfortunately, so there's no exception for the vaccinations...poor thing!  Please continue to pray - it's the only reason we're doing so well.  Love you all!  Kim


  1. Sometimes you can space the shots out over a couple of days. Try and get them to do this so she doesn't get sick from so many and too sore or traumatized. This is so ridiculous since the immunity doesn't even begin for several weeks after getting the vaccinations. Be sure to ask to keep the vials so you have the lot numbers of the vaccines.

  2. Praying for you. Call if you want. We are here until 2 AM your time. Then, off to the Valentine's Party. If you are too tired, then I will chat with you in the morning. Love you! Angie

  3. What a precious video Kim, the girls are amazing and praying for endurance for you this last leg (-: