Sunday, February 12, 2012

Safari Park

 I’ve had an upset stomach most of the day – compounded by some dumplings with an unknown filling at the Safari Park.  So far, I haven’t gotten sick, but it will be back to plain foods tomorrow!  Too many croissants and greasy food doesn’t work for me. 

We danced around the room this morning and last night, and then headed out to the Safari Park around 10am.  The girls enjoyed it – but I’m completely wiped out!  We were there 4 hours – saw everything for the second time (Rachel and I) – but Jenny and Sarah really enjoyed themselves.  We’re resting in the room right now before I try to “finish them off” at the playground.  Everyone will be lights out at 8pm tonight – so don’t bother Skyping unless you’re up REALLY early!

Sarah continues to improve – and seems to be taking a liking to me – but still has a mean streak with other children and occasionally with me (hitting).  She laughs in a very sarcastic way and then does a straight face – it’s very ugly when she does it and it isn’t pleasant to be around.  We’re trying to SHOW her the way of kindness – and hoping she responds soon.  She loves to be held upside down and tossed on the bed – but that’s exhausting after a while.  I need Perry here for that. 

Jenny gets jealous and wants equal time piggy backing and at 11 years old, she’s a little hard to manage.  She needs that “babying time” that she missed out on – but I need the “49 year old time” to sit and rest!  I will be enforcing that today as a sick  mama won’t be good for anyone.

Right now, they’re writing in their journals.  It’s peaceful for a moment, but Sarah will be up and running shortly.  I will have to tell her “no” as I’m really wiped out .  (she just started marching in place next to me - I have her timing down pretty well, lol!)  Please pray for energy to keep up with her – she never stops.  Even the big girls are tired.

Have I mentioned how much I like my travel group?  The Holbrookes and Balls are such sweet people and have really made this trip enjoyable – even the trying moments.  They have gone out of their way to meet up with me and spend time with us and I appreciate their company so much!  My guide has been terrific also, and it’s made the trip fun and doable as one person with three kiddos!  I’ll be enforcing bedtime tonight as we stayed up a little too late last night – I really need the rest to be ready for each day’s hunt for food and things to do! 

Our schedule is full for the next 3 days, and then we have the very long flights.  I’m praying for Sarah to be able to cope with sitting still for so long.  She gets very loud when she’s unhappy – so we will really need the prayer!!  Missing home very much and can’t wait to see my hubby, college men, and Miss Katie!! I'll leave you with some parting pics of the Island.

Love you all,



  1. Always a fun day at the park and island. Great to see the girls enjoying themselves. The boys can't wait to check your blog each day and translate it so they can read along. Angie

  2. Will be praying for your flights home earnestly! Having just flown several long flights with a little one who did not want to sit still for that long, I have complete compassion for you. I pray that all the girls are sweet and self-controlled and able to sleep. I pray for many extra empty seats around you. And I pray for compassionate, understanding, people around you who are slightly hard of hearing. Can't wait to meet them!

  3. Kim, you might be wore out but you sure do have that "new mama" glow! You are just radiant!!

    Sounds like Miss Sarah is a sensory seeking kiddo for sure! You are doing great! Keep her moving and she will be a happy girl! :)

  4. Oh Kim!!!!! I am just loving the pics! What fun girlies you have! I know how tired you must be and I will be praying for rest for you and the girls and for the long flight home. Hey, we made it back with a 10 yr old, an 8 yr old and TWO 2 year olds!!!! Yeah, we were crazy - before and after - heck we are still crazy but boy is it ever fun!