Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 1 continued

When the clock finally turned to 4am this morning, I figured it was ok to get up, lol!  The girls are doing well - loving the trampoline, Wendy P., and having a great time on scooters (although we don't have enough for all - spurring "scooter wars!")   We're going to take our time getting to the docs this time since no one seems to have any life threatening diseases or contagious issues.  Dawn L., we'll see you at cardiology soon - hopefully for just a thumbs up that Jenny's surgery was done well.

Jenny and Sarah met their brothers for the first time when they arrived home from school!!  Kyle and Clint gave them big hugs are are such great big brothers!! I'm so thankful for boys with such compassionate hearts.  I'm so thankful their college is so close to home!!

The "home girls" aren't enjoying the "room invasion" much, and both woke up in tears yesterday morning.  Both new girls are like toddlers, and into everything.  It's exhausting watching them - but they don't have any idea of house rules, etc., yet.  Sarah just walks out the door if she feels like it, likely a rural village practice, and so I have to keep an eye on her constantly and know where she is at all times.  She has stopped spitting continuously, but much to Katie's chagrin, is having difficulty hitting the sink when she brushes her teeth.  We have MUCH to work on - and quite frankly, I don't know where to start!

Jenny is much more savvy, having lived in the city.  She fills every moment with noise as she attempts to parrot English and be her witty self - with no communication skills.  She's picking up English understanding pretty quickly.  She carefully watches everything around her and is VERY observant and interested.  Both girls are smart - but the jet lag is really making any clear thought by anyone nearly impossible, lol!

Neither girl has had any English training whatsoever - new for us - as the last children knew ABC's, etc., before they arrived.  We don't have the support system we had before where I had set up friends to help with translation of guidance here at the house.  I'll have to get on that, as the girls are unsure of our expectations, etc. (Like tell mom when you go outside!)  I just need to walk through the house with a Chinese speaking friend, and point out various things - like you can't help yourself to snacks all day - only fruit and veggies are unlimited, etc.

We are all still very tired, and I think it must be difficult for them to not understand why they feel so badly.  My home girls, who love their sleep, were completely dysfunctional by bedtime last night.  We just need to tough out this week until everyone feels better.

We saw lots of friends at an adoption chat yesterday - it was SO NICE to see so many folks who have been faithfully praying for us!! We are thankful for all those who prayed from far away places - like Ohio, Texas, and California!! We love you all!  We're hoping to get out in the sunshine again today - but will play it by ear with all the exhaustion showing on the girls' faces.  We may just stay close to home - we'll see. 

Praying for quick recovery and a back to normal clear mind as our internal time clocks adjust.  I'm going to try to dash to Walmart before everyone wakes up as I'm completely out of laundry detergent, dog bones and other essentials!! (the guys DID stock up on salsa and chips, however....)  I'm a little worried about Sarah in Church tomorrow....she doesn't sit still for long, and tends to laugh hysterically when we pray. (can't understand the humor - but I suppose it does look silly talking with your eyes closed if you don't believe in God, lol)  Hopefully, she'll behave, but I'm not counting on it!!

Love you all!  Kim


  1. I am happy to bring Colin over if you think he can be helpful. You can give me a list of things that you need to explain to them, I can translate it for him and he can read through it with the girls. We have plans to come to Mt. P today anyway. It would not be an imposition. Angie

  2. Welcome home, Kim, Rachel, Jenny, and Sarah! :-)

    Kim, forgive me for being presumptuous, as I have not had the opportunity to adopt and this is not your first time around. However, I was at a "shower" for a new adoptive mom from our church last month, and there were several adoptive moms present. There was general agreement among them that it had worked out best to not take their newly-home children out in public (i.e. to church) for a few weeks, but rather to just stay home together and get used to being a family. In fact, the 5-year-old Chinese girl that was being honored at the shower was not even present, because her mom felt that it would be overwhelming to her. (Mom was going to rewrap the gifts and bring them out one-by-one over the course of several weeks.)

    Anyway, I just thought that I'd pass along that you don't need to feel guilty if you decide that getting used to one another is more important than being in church tomorrow. :-)

    Praying for you!
    Beth in VA

  3. "...but I suppose it does look silly talking with your eyes closed if you don't believe in God, lol"

    This is too funny, but so accurate!