Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The NEW Guangzhou!

For Valentines Day, the Lims treated us to another sight seeing tour of the NEW Guangzhou.  We started out from our 2008 base of operations - Er Sha Island - which brought back fond memories of Katie's adoption trip!  It was still decorated for Chinese New Year - and I took a pic by the pool just for Katie. (she loved it!)

Then we strolled a bit in the park set up for the Asian Games.

 Then went to dinner at Papa Johns - actually more like an upscale Italian Restaurant in the States!  The pizza and food was even better - but smaller portions for smaller appetites here.

Next onto the main event - to see the Guangzhou TV tower lit up at night!

This is Flower City Plaza - at the base of the Canton TV Tower (2nd tallest structure in the world), and encompassing an opera theater to rival Sydney, the new Four Seasons Hotel - also one of the tallest structures in China - the Asian Games Stadium, and a beautiful new museum.   It was clean, scenic, and part of the new financial district where much global business is conducted.  The girls were more interested in the lighted sidewalks!

We loved the Opera Theater and sculptures outside

The Four Seasons Hotel starts on the 65th floor of the IFC Building and the Museum has an interesting mix of red lights and rectangular architecture - an engineer's dream on every corner of the plaza!  The Canton Tower changes colors throughout the evening - really spectacular!

Here's a pic of the lighted river.  Notice the Gold buildings on top of some of the structures.  These are the owner's residences - like floating mansions in the sky.  Amazing!

We had a great time posing in front of the opera theater and generally looking silly for the crowd, lol!

Edward and Ashley Lim have made our visit wonderful once again - we're so thankful to have such good friends on this side of the world!!  We can never thank them enough for their hospitality! 

Perry - tell Fedex to put their pilots in Edward's capable hands - he's managing a brand new facility right next to this beautiful plaza - better, cleaner, and prettier than Paris.  They've even perfected the croissant here - much to my chagrin when trying to fit into my jeans...yikes!

Jenny and Sarah continue to argue quite a bit - but I think being FINALLY home and in a routine will make a world of difference for Sarah.  It's hard to find food arrangements and find comfort when living out of hotels and suitcases.  I am grateful that I was able to show them some beautiful sights in the more international China vs. old temples and old museums.  Last night's plaza was a world class exhibit that brings China into the global market for tourism and the arts.  The Stadium for the Asian Games was lit up as well - and it was just a spectacular sight on a beautiful night.  Sarah fell asleep after all the walking and excitement and everyone slept late this morning.  We are enjoying ourselves, but will be happy to be back in our routine.

Please pray for our travel as we head out tomorrow!  It will be a LONG 30 hour trek - and a LONG time for little Sarah to sit in one place.  We appreciate your prayers for just a few more days!! Can't wait to see all of you and get to Church on Sunday. Blessings, Kim


  1. Praying for a peaceful safe trip!

  2. Great pics Kim! Praying for your journey home! The boys cannot wait to meet Jenny & Sarah in person!

  3. Oh Gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful finale to your stay! Praying for your trip today. Glad you're on your way home!