Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful for...myself??

     Yep - you read the title right - thankful for myself.  While we spent time thanking God for our many blessings at Thanksgiving, one little girl had her own "thankful ideas:"

     If you read the back of the table place card carefully,  it reads, "I love myself, love, me."  That's our girl!  There's no doubt that a good foster family can make a huge difference for a child, and our Sarah was well loved. :)  She made place cards expressing her love for everyone on the backs - including herself, haha - the source of her brimming confidence.  She is incredibly smart and loving, bringing home new awards every day from school - she's also my designated "informer" keeping me apprised of any misbehavior in the home, neighborhood, or anywhere else we go.  We're working on that Pharisaical attitude - but for now it comes in handy, lol.

     Jenny took on the dreaded task of gravy making - and is another common sense competent girl like sister Katie.   They amaze me with their servant's hearts and ability to solve household problems at such a young age.  Jenny can fix anything, is diligent with school, and as more of her former life story unfolds, we understand more of her personality.  She is an honest child, but is still learning to trust us.  As long as we keep heaps of food in her life, she's joyful and content.  I'm not sure where she puts it all, but the "fight's on" when the dishes hit the table, and I've taken to superstore portions of bread and rolls to make sure we don't run short.

For anyone freaking out at the above picture, we're drinking Apple Cider in the wine glasses!

     We don't have any exciting travel pictures to share, or momentous stories to tell, just plain everyday life with school, activities, and cooking to feed a ravenous family.   It makes it hard to blog when you don't have anything exciting to trumpet, other than this is the easiest adoption we've ever done.  The most challenging aspect has been giving both girls the attention and help they need with such monumental tasks such as learning to speak English and reading - it's time consuming and pretty much takes up most of each day.  While they learn fast, they both are eager to get back to the level of competency they had in Chinese, and that will take a long time with much effort.

     We continue to work on the decibel level of Jenny's speech  - her limited hearing makes speaking quietly nearly impossible.  Sarah speaks loudly because that is her personality and she will most certainly wind up on a stage somewhere in life.  We've struggled to keep glasses on Jenny's head without an ear to hold them up (and a receding skull), and are at our wits end with what to do.  We've had a lot of arguing among the girls as everyone jockeys for their "new positions" in the family, but that's mostly settled out.  They really enjoy each other's company and are all so very different.  We are so thankful for each and every one.  The boys enjoy spending time with their sisters, and have had very little change in their lives as college and work keep them very busy.

     I'm praying a lot this week for friends like Chris and "K" who are struggling with medical and attachment issues with their recent adoptions - we've been there and it's so hard on everyone - especially Mom.  It will get better, and they WILL reap after sowing so long - but it's hard to remember in the midst of the storm.  Please pray for both ladies and also for "Chaz," a young boy turning 14 in March.  He needs a miracle to find a family before he ages out of the system in 4 months.  Please pray he gets his chance to know the love of a family before it's too late.  I can't imagine not having that one gift in life - the gift of being loved.