Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall, Football, and Fun

Not much to talk about here - daily life goes on with homeschooling, public schooling, college exams, yardwork, and house cleaning.  Throw in a couple of late night presidential debates, dance, rehab, dental and doctor's appointments, and we've got a full schedule!  With six kiddos, it's a numbers game with cooking, laundry, activities, and routine stuff that keeps me short on time, big on fun!  I wish I had more time for friends and service and am trying to work that into our crazy life.  Bible study happens, but Bible application is a more complicated matter.

The male side of the house is committed to football this time of year, and I've given up resisting.  We find outdoor things to do to avoid "Sunday surround sound," and occasionally, the girls get in the excitement with the various fan gear left laying around.  I don't get the sports hoopla, but I suppose I'm outnumbered here in the South and in our family at large!  Rachel sports Clint's Viking gear below:

My Bible resistant one, Jenny, has enjoyed finding scripture to memorize lately, as a result of her BJU Press Bible study in the morning.  She loves doing the 1st grade Bible text as it is on her reading level and she is able to understand it.  Last night, she was excited to see the different Chinese hymns on youtube such as this one HERE.

Sarah is my clingy one - a super "mama's girl," and loves constant affection when not engaged in outside or other activity.

The younger girls all take a dance class together and love goofing around to Christian music at night - they love singing and dancing and fill our lives with a rather high level of noise, activity, and joy - 24/7 - leaving me thankful for a big backyard and a few minutes of peace here and there.

 I turn 50 this month, and thank God that I'm healing nicely from my AT rupture this May.  Rehab has given me lots of energy and fitness that wasn't there pre-injury.  As far as keeping up, I did lay down the law on Bible study in the morning this weekend - as without God first-  I'm pretty frazzled the rest of the day.  The girls understand that they have to give me that 30 minutes now - and our days proceed more smoothly so far.  That time with God is the source of my strength, joy, and patience - which wears thin without supernatural help. :)

Oddly enough, Jenny seems to be interested in Chinese again and we've made great effort to separate the culture from her individual experience (see previous post.)  We are coordinating a "China Day" for her sister's class at school, and she will be teaching us her various paper folding skills, character writing, and other fun things to do with the 1st graders.  I am thankful to see her healing and moving forward.

The big boys are doing well in school, encouraging those who aren't, and voting Republican.  Can't ask for more than that! :) (except maybe more conservative wardrobe choices)  We are seeking to simplify our lives each day to allow more downtime.  We haven't had much success there - but the days proceed with a steady pace of love and family time so I can't complain.  Wishing we had more time to do something great for God, but for this season, He seems to be directing us to focus home and children first.  Thanking God for our barrels of blessings.