Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodbye China!

We took the traditional Red Couch pictures at the White Swan yesterday.  We met up with a few other couples and got some pretty shots!

It was so sad to say goodbye to my travel partners - they have been such a blessing!

This is the part of the journey that becomes easy for me and difficult for the girls - there is so much to learn, so many changes to make in the way they do things - and of course, the communication gap.  They will be overwhelmed, like I have been, with the inability to communicate and understand what's going on around them.  We will likely experience some frustration and tears - which I completely understand!

So off we go to the airport in a little while - leaving a trail of clothes, toys, and food behind us like Hansel and Gretel!! It doesn't all fit in the suitcases.

Here's a pic of Sarah having a fit about something - she eventually left the picture.

But she needs grace for a while - as her change has been the greatest.  More on that in the future.  Gotta run and get everyone dressed for breakfast and TRAVEL!!  Thank you LORD, for a wonderful trip and two new wonderful girls!!!  Love you all! Kim


  1. Kim - you look absolutely radiant!! I am excited for you to come home and for y'all to start the "new normal"! BLessings, Jenni

  2. Love you Kim and just cannot wait to meet those girls!!!!!