Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Insight into the past

Today I met the foster family alone while my guide played with the children.  They clearly loved Sarah very much and meeting them gave me great insight into her behavior.  The foster father was relieved to see that we had Sarah's best interests and future at heart.  He was concerned about fixing her eye and happy to hear we had a plan.  They hired a driver and drove a great distance to meet me.

It was awkward as the foster mother was clearly disturbed - even though we had repeatedly asked for confirmations over the last year.  She is not the "Caroline Ingalls" that I had imagined.  She was not content with meeting me only, and she repeatedly asked to see Sarah while the orphanage staff repeatedly told her it would be too upsetting for the child (who is very happy and looking forward now.)  That didn't seem to sway her and it was a long time to end the meeting.  I felt so sorry for her - but also sensed something not quite right.  I now know more about her past - and understand more of how big a change this is for her.

In the meantime, Sarah continues to be full of joy and mischief.  Jenny has taken on mentor status and is really showing her character.  Rachel is a HUGE help and incredible role model for her sisters.  I am so thankful for her on this trip.

Tomorrow, we head to the aquarium and I'm praying that it has heat!!!  I've found a couple of items that I'm surviving on here - Minute Maid Lemonade - hoorah - and saltine crackers.  I'm enjoying the homemade noodles here - but now find myself missing McD's...can't wait for Guangzhou!!  Angie R. - here's a pic for old times sake - Mango Oreos - not too bad!

Gotta run - I had a few moments while Rachel entertained with iPad. :)  Girls are much calmer today (which is relative - but welcome!) and we enjoyed time with the Holbrookes - fellow travelers with Heartsent.  Laura got puked on my her new dd - so at least I haven't experienced that joy yet. (of course we travel Friday, haha!)  Thank you all so much for the prayers and advice.  I chucked all the candy and set some limits today.  Elaine - I got rid of the creepy thing - you were right.  I'll email you offlist on that one.  She didn't care one bit.  Please keep the prayers coming as this has been a relatively easy journey.  Looking forward to my brocolli at breakfast (haha)

Blessings, Kim


  1. Oh Kim, I so wish I could just give you a big hug right now!!! Hang in there dear friend and remember that the Lord is with you. He is in control!!! I will pray for peace for Sarah's foster family and for the Lord to calm Sarah's heart a bit. I will also pray for stamina for you my dear!!!! I just cannot wait to meet these 2 dynamos and just sit with you and really talk!!!! Call if you need to! Just email me and let me know a time and I will be there!!!

  2. Kim, thank you for keeping us updated. Praying praying praying!!!

  3. Kim,

    I'm so thankful for God's provision for you and your girls,and for giving you a glimpse into Sarah's past. When I look at your photos I am so impressed by Rachel's constant smile. I know she has been a blessing to you!


  4. Hi Kim. Happy to hear that Sarah is calming at least a little. I'm also glad you had the opportunity to meet with her foster parents. I would have liked to have had that opportunity, though I don't know if I would have had a clear enough head to ask useful questions at the time. It must be so hard to hand over a child you have cared for and care about to someone so different and so far away. I certainly don't know that I could do it.

    I love seeing the pictures of the girls playing together. Truly heartwarming.

    Sending more positive thoughts your way.