Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming to an end here...

Today was our last bit of paperwork at the notary office.  We have everything we need and will be leaving Jenny’s province tomorrow.  We are so excited to meet Sarah on Monday in Shanxi Province!!  Jenny says she will help her not to be afraid and will play with her – so cute.  She told our guide that her foster sister was naughty sometimes and she was still kind to her, lol!

Tonight we’ll hit the Aloha Diner – an American owned diner with awesome food according to Angie R.  You’ll get a full assessment later on!  Below is a pic of the orphanage - some folks have asked to see it.  It's very nicely kept and kind of hidden in the middle of a small neighborhood.

Before we leave, I wanted to post some observations about Wuhan.  We have enjoyed our stay here – the people are friendly and the location has been terrific.  Our favorite thing to do is count rolling suitcases – everyone has one!  Even the underpasses have small ramps in the middle of the stairs to accommodate them!  It’s a convenient way to get “your stuff” around, lol. 

We LOVE the "Guitar Lady's" shop!! She has allowed Rachel to practice the piano on a keyboard all week!  She is so kind to Jenny and tells us through my guide book how happy she is to have met us.  The kindness of the Wuhan people is evident everywhere we go. :)  She wants us to visit her in the future and we hope we can!!  If any guitar players are headed this way - you must stop in and see her.  The shop is out the door in the alley to the right as you leave the hotel.  Here is a pic with her:

We LOVE the China Express Restaurant!  It is delicious, cheap, and I’m only sorry I didn’t get to try more of the meals there!  The Danish families reported getting sick eating at Pizza Hut or other – but the hot Chinese noodle soups and fried pancakes have kept us full, warm, and happy.  Except for our daughter – who prefers fast food fried chicken fare!  (McDonald’s)  She loves McFlurries, too, but dumped hers all over the hotel floor, walls, etc., last night – so is insisting on getting another before we leave….

Our only issue with Jenny is her constant complaining – a trait shared by many in our family, lol!  She’s quite spoiled as she charms all she comes in contact with.  The guide seemed concerned today when I told her to take her trash out herself (she was handing it to me) and also to fold her own laundry (she didn’t want to)  Hey – ya gotta learn sometime – and I have plenty to do with washing clothes, paperwork, etc.  She doesn’t like waiting for Rachel to practice piano – but that’s part of being a member of a family – we support one another.   Last night, they seemed bored, so I had them wash the clothes in the tub.  They had a great time and it bought me some alone time, haha!  Great cure for boredom!

God has worked out the very long timing on this adoption to our very best – confirming Romans 8:28 again and again.  We are hopeful that Sarah will be as easy as Jenny has been.  I am so thankful Rachel accompanied me on this trip – she has been a saint with patience and helpfulness.   Thank you so much for the prayers – God is hearing.  Please remember to pray hard for Sarah on Sunday (Monday our time) 




  1. Kim, I have loved following your journey. Are you going to be there three weeks. A week in each girl's province plus the week in Guangzhou? Wow!

    Praying that Sunday goes well and that Sarah will not be afraid!

    1. Thanks so much for the prayers, Vicky! Yes, we're here 22 days - week in each province and then GZ. It's long - but so far it's been fun! I did a lot of reading on the provinces and had fun seeing the sites. We're meeting locals in the cheap restaurants and at piano practice - fun!

  2. Kim-Happy to see that your journey has been smooth so far...can't wait to see your gotcha pictures of Sarah Grace!! Our friends are on their way to China today and will also be in Shaanxi Province on Monday meeting their son. I hope you get to meet up with them. (The Foros) Tell them hello for me!

    1. I'll definitely look them up in GZ! Can't wait to see everyone there!

  3. Hey Kim, Thanks for the email info on the handsome little piano player. Last night I sat with my Wuhan girl and we looked at all the pictures on your blog of your time in Wuhan, she seems to recognize you daughter and a few of the other girls. She doesn't know enough English for me to determine if she really knows any of them. Luci is 4 and she spent her last year in a foster family with 2 older foster sisters adn a young little brother with DS. My daughters transition has been wonderful but she was totally spoiled rotten when she came to us....the word NO or Wait please...instant tears! It was comical...hearing about your girl makes me wonder if they were foster sisters with the same mom that waited on them hand and foot!

  4. Thanks, Tara! I think they must have had the same foster mama! Jenny's a terrific kid - she's just never been taught "to do" for herself. I had to show her how to fold her clothes this am - she's really been well taken care of - but not taught to help.