Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello Guangzhou!!

What a breath of fresh air – literally!  I knew the air was bad in Taiyuan, but it was amazing to actually FEEL the difference as soon as we arrived at the airport.  After my shower this morning, I felt so CLEAN.  All our clothes smell like **something** in Taiyuan – and it’s not good.  The burning eyes, throats and lungs are gone – and we’re all feeling healthy again.   We even went for a quick walk at 11pm last night – it was so good to feel the fresh air – hallelujah!!

Our room is TERRIFIC!  Big, cheap, and two double beds!

This morning, we saw 10+ families at the Victory West Wing breakfast – awesome!  I could barely eat for all the homey conversation!!  I saw so many kiddos I recognized from various lists.  The breakfast was AWESOME and full of my favorites – croissants – every kind you can imagine.  To say I’m euphoric is an understatement after being closeted up in pollution and freezing weather for a week.  There’s a Starbucks next to our hotel, a 7-11, and lots of great restaurants – life is GOOD.

Today was the medical appointment.  The girls skipped along happily with no sense of what was before them….TB tests and 5 vaccinations for Jenny….poor baby.  And baby she was – crying for 20  min. before AND after – while Michael consoled her with various junkfoods – including seaweed which is making my room stink.  I’m going to lose it very quickly – sorry veg peeps.

We met the Holbrooks for a stroll around the Island and took lots of pics.  We had an awesome lunch at the White Swan Deli Shop – all for about $10.  Not to mention MORE CROISSANTS….yum! 

We headed over to the park and watched the girls run and play for about an hour – it was so nice to see them outside and having fun!  We’ll be outside a LOT here. 

We’re taking a break for a few cartoons and we’ll head back out to find a laundry shop after this.  LOVE the location – LOVE the hotel – and LOVE Shamian Island!!  We’re having a blast after being cooped up for weeks.  I’ll write more later – but enjoy the pics and Sarah’s smile for now!  Love, Kim


  1. What a wonderful post! I'm sure it is good to be with so many other families! I'm glad it is warmer too!

  2. I loved the change from Nanchang to Guangzhou, too. Poor Jenny! I wish someone would do something to stop such a stupid practice. It's really quite dangerous, not to mention, inhumane. Looks like you both got through it, though. I'd like to know which serums she got so that I can try and do something for my future daughter so that she doesn't have to have so many at a time like that. I can withstand a lot, but not the dangerous stupidity of beauracrats on my child. Sorry, I have strong feelings about this.

    I'm sure you will continue to enjoy yourselves. I'm envious of your upcoming trip to the Safari Park. I LOVED it and can't wait to go back. I will probably spend two days there next time. White Cloud Mountain is a nice trip, too, if you want to hike a little. It's pretty and peaceful up there.

  3. What a beautiful city and beautiful girls and a beautiful momma!!!! I'm so happy that it is going so well. God is so good.

  4. I'm so excited for you to be on the last leg of this journey! I hope the shots go as well as possible! Glad you made it safely to GZ! Can't wait to meet your girls one day!

  5. I'm SO glad to hear how comfortable you are. Now I had the opposite reaction. We flew into Guangzhou and it was 80 degrees and about 100% humidity. I couldn't catch my breath the first day. Then the temp dropped! :) It looks like the girls continue to have fun together. Love it!

    I thought they had done away with mass vaccinations. You mentioned she was turning 11. Is it now related to that age? We went through under the I600 so did not have to contend with it, THANK GOODNESS!!!


  6. YAY!!!!! You are in the homestretch!!!!! Prayers are being sent everyday dear Kim!!!!

  7. Wow! Taiyuan really must have been bad - my husband's jaw is on the floor at hearing you call Guanzhou's air good! LOL (He was there for about 9 weeks about 10 years ago, coming home right about this time of year.)

    I'm praying that the rest of your time goes smoothly and you all have a safe, uneventful, and relaxing trip home! :-)