Thursday, August 18, 2011

New pictures, smiles, and flying Barbies!

We  received updated pictures of Jenny this today!  Because of her facial paralysis, she doesn't smile much, but she is reportedly a very happy child.  We were thrilled to get a picture of her smiling and showing her true personality.   We also were able to receive one of her recent compositions, and she talked about her Barbies flying the airplane to the Panda Zoo.  That's my girl!!  My Barbies flew airplanes and space shuttles, too!!

I just can't wait to bring this sweet child home - she is such a determined and brave girl.  I WISH this process could move a lot more quickly!!  Please pray for paperwork to move extraordinarily fast, and our trip to be scheduled as efficiently as possible.  Right now, we are looking at nearly 3 weeks in country which is too long to leave my littlest one! (she gets motion sick and can't go)

Blessings, Kim

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HAPPY DAYS - Jake is coming home!!!!

"Jake" (from my last post)  has a wonderful family - right here in town!! I'm am thrilled for them and him.  He will finally have a forever family of his own.  God is good - and we'll even get to meet this little guy! Just wanted to share the good news with everyone who has been praying for him.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

It gets sadder....

I thought "Jake" had found a really sweet family but they can't proceed at this point.  Is there anyone out there who can find it in their heart to bring this boy home?  He is described in glowing terms by those who know him - his latest update from this week is below:

His teacher said he is attending school at the orphanage. He is doing very well in the school. He is a smart little guy. He is outgoing, gets along well with other children, and he takes care of the younger ones. He is very organized. He likes to put things in order. He also likes to help other children organize things. He is a good boy. He's grown fast since his last surgery was done. 

He has waited such a long time.  If money stands in the way, read my post "Leap of Faith."  God never asks anything of us that he won't equip us for - with whatever resources are needed.  Please tell your friends about him.  This little guy deserves a mom to kiss him goodnight, and a dad to take him fishing.

Blessings, Kim

Sad Sunday

Today was our last Sunday and we had to say goodbye to our little Maine Church.  With only 7 members now, they count on us to fill the pews and bring the children in the summer.  While it doesn't boast mega-church numbers, this little Church has 100% participation and mountains of love. :)  The kids rang the bells, mostly unheeded by the local community, for the last time this morning.  Mary baked her yummy cinnamon coffee cake, and we all chatted around the table for the last time till next summer.  We pray each year that the Lord will bring families to fill the pews of this white clapboard Church, and still He waits.  Maybe next year.  :) 

Blessings, Kim