Friday, February 3, 2012

Heaven on Earth

We ate at Aloha Diner last night - our first "taste of home" since we've been here.  (McD's doesn't count!)  It was fabulous, and I'm only sorry I can't go one more time.  The food was terrific and as good as anything in the States - better for dessert!  It was quite a way outside the city - and a long taxi ride - but so worth it.

Jenny ordered the staff around and was VERY loud - but no one seemed to mind.  I was too immersed in my Fajita tacos to care - and figure we'll do the manner lessons at home.  We definitely need to introduce "indoor voice" vs. "outdoor voice."  The waitress told me that there is a saying that Wuhan people only use two tones - the first and the fourth.  Meaning that they're assertive, loud, and direct, and Jenny fits all of those.  Honestly, she makes me look soft spoken - imagine that!

Even our guide Michael enjoyed it - I'm so thankful he accompanied us on such a long trip.  Do NOT miss this if you come to Wuhan - no matter how out of the way it may seem!  It was so clean - you could have ice - SALAD - and eat just like at home!  Many American expats dropped by and they were fun to talk to - most were teachers, school principals, and engineers.  Diane, one of the owners, is from Hawaii and has lived here many years.  It's so nice to hear the perspective of locals on different things.  The entire staff made it a wonderful experience - and so nice to have the homey break midtrip.

The girls fell asleep holding hands on the way home.  So cute.  You'd never know what a dynamo she was when she's awake, haha!

We fly out today and look forward to becoming familiar with a new routine and surroundings.  We've really enjoyed our time here - getting to know our way around and meeting the people of Wuhan.  I pray that Sarah is not too afraid, and we'll spend Sunday getting the room ready for her arrival.  We've made one carryon the "toy box" and it has worked well - giving us some semblance of a home environment.  The hotel has been fantastic - even a playroom on the 17th floor for little ones.

We miss home terribly - but are trying to focus on enjoying our time here with the girls.  They will be just as homesick when we get to our comfortable surroundings.  Please continue to pray for us as we navigate travel in country and unfamiliar places.   Blessings, Kim


  1. Jenny sounds a lot like our boys were! We did get our boys to stop ordering the waitresses around, but we're still working on that inside voice concept! If you are successful please share with us! Joel still shouts when we're inches away!

    Glad to hear things are going well!

  2. Always praying dear friend! Sorry I missed you this morning. I will try you again when you get settled in.

  3. Oh Kim!! The falling asleep holding hands is really just too sweet!! I'll have to remember that about Wuhan folks' volume quiet or LOUD :) I can't imagine how homesick you must be! I know your men and Katie are feeling homesick for you too! Prayers for the travels to Sarah and for her heart to be open to yours! I thought it spoke well of Jenny's affection for you that she said she would talk Sarah through it if she was nervous :) Blessings, friend!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes - we look forward to hearing from everyone each morning!! It's a bummer that we'll be "disconnected from all" for the next day or so as we travel. Love you all!

  5. Well, depending on how lonely or disconnected you feel, you Might be able to get online at an airport if you have a long layover. Because of our travel woes, we were in the Beijing airport for hours, and there was a cafe you could pay to go into and get connected.

    So glad you enjoyed your meal and the people you met. I love the picture of the girls together!