Sunday, February 19, 2012

JOY and exhaustion!

So how's it going?  Here's a pic that says it all...

I finally got sleep last night - 6 hours at least - but it was straight through.  The girls are doing GREAT - and are full of joy and having a terrific time dressing up, looking through their new (hand me down) shoes and dresses, and trying on everything this morning.  Yesterday started with a happy wake up by Jenny - then an UNhappy wake up of everyone else who still wanted to sleep.

The girls played outside in BEAUTIFUL weather and loved the trampoline.

We posed for a family pic when a neighbor walked by - it's hard to get everyone together with the boys off at school!

Then the girls became acquainted with our local geckos, lol!

Later, we went to a playground at a Church picnic and they had a ball.

After we got home, I pretty much gutted it out to keep my eyes open - almost giving up at 4pm.  Jet lag on the return is so much worse - I was much better in China.  I'm EXHAUSTED when I go to bed and even when I wake up.  I'm so thankful the girls are doing well - but it's a constant effort to care for them as they're so out of their element.  They're both fairly independent - just not in this environment.

We've already begun the "toilet paper wars" - a re-do of Katie's arrival.  It's cute to see her so upset about her new roomies refusal to use it as she had the same issue years ago when she arrived, lol.  I'm much more laid back about it this time - I must be losing some of my germaphobia.

Lots of folks have asked how they can help - but all I really need is energy and sleep! Perry's got the cooking covered - the girls are doing well - I just need to get my "A Game" back to keep up with them.  So I'll leave you with some pics of this morning's dress up excitement while I slurp down my 3rd mug of coffee!

Blessings, Kim


  1. You are doing so great!! Such a long, action filled trip, it might take a bit to recover so make sure to give yourself a break when you can!! :)

    Love all the happy pictures...I'm sure you will see plenty of drama along the way. With my four girls...drama is my life now. People tell me it comes with the territory of having four girls. So, be ready for it!! :)

  2. Wonderful write up & photos. Kim, I wish I had just a fraction of your energy - even on your "tired" days -- - You, my friend are an inspiration!

  3. The girls look great! You'll soon be up and running, but I feel for you. I always get slammed with jetlag coming back, too. Sarah must LOVE the trampoline.

  4. Love all the photos. I can't wait to meet you & the girls soon! I am praying for a revival of your energy & super natural miracle for it to come back in record time!

  5. Love the pics Kim!!! The girls just look so AT HOME!!!! Please know that I will keep praying and if you want to get together and let the kids play while we chat, just say the word!!!!

  6. Very glad to hear you made it home safely and now you can work on recovering from a very long journey. :) Love the pictures.

  7. Praying you get the sleep and energy you need ASAP! I guess you know they say outdoor time during the day is very helpful for getting over "the lag":-) You're old hat a this by now, so I'm sure you're doing all you can to recover! Can't wait to just sit and listen to more about your trip and the homecoming transition. I'm sure that trampoline is great for Sarah! We just bought a small rebounder and Colson can jump, and jump and jump..good grief it makes me tired to watch! He even jumps while we're reviewing facts:-) Jump Sarah, Jump!!

  8. You are so right about the tolet paper wars!!! I have GOT to stop being such a germaphobe *snort* Praying for some solid sleep for you all (-: