Saturday, July 26, 2014

Raspberry Festival!

Every year we go to the East Winthrop Baptist Church Raspberry Festival.  We actually plan our kids' flights around the event! :)

The Church ladies (and men) get together and make pies and other goodies to sell as a fundraiser and I buy enough for our family, friends, and Church on Sunday.  They are yummy and have the best crust!  It took me a while to notice the cross placed at the top of each pie...

One of the Church families owns a raspberry farm and donates raspberries to make sauce for the home made waffle breakfast.  Topped off with whipped cream and sides of bacon and sausage make it a big "Isa no-no" but a once a year treat. :)

Our friend, Richard, takes everyone for a ride in his Model A Ford - we're looking young compared to the car! :)

The kids loved the rumble seat and the men loved the classic car

But most of all, we enjoyed fellowship with the New England Brethren. :)  We finished off the morning with a quick trip to the Blueberry Farm for some afternoon snacks

Enjoying fun on the lake and peaceful afternoons.  Looking forward to sharing our goodies at Church tomorrow!



Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friends at the Lake

Our neighbors from Charleston were in Boston for the summer and decided to drive up and visit.  We started with a "Lobsta' Roast" for Perry's birthday.

The Colbrunns have 3 girls, and since Greg had to stay and work, Perry had a houseful of women.  He was a good sport pulling us all on tubes and teaching the littles (and bigs) how to ski.

Perry and I took a spin around the lake

The girls spent all day in the lake - swimming and kayaking.

and we invited our Maine family and friends for a weenie roast.

Perry got some "male bonding" in...

and Nana had fun with the girls

We finished with popcorn, s'mores, and late night hide and seek.

The only thing better than Maine in the summer is sharing it with friends.  Blessings, Kim

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Fun!

Ok - I haven't posted in a while - but read on and you'll see why!  We kicked off our summer with the girls' first ever 5K race!  Katie and I were the road crew - as we prefer swimming and biking. :)  The girls all placed in the top 3 along with one of their fellow homeschooling friends.

Later that morning it was on to a Double Dutch exhibition - where they jumped for an hour or so and had a pizza party afterwards.  The "Jumping Jacksons" were recognized for their State performance and qualification for World.

Next, the big girls went off to golf camp and the little girls to Art Camp with a neighbor (thanks, Lexi!!)  Followed by trips to the beach with the big bro's when they weren't working.

Next it was a combo 21st birthday for the boys and Father's Day for Perry.  I bought them a Watercraft tour of the local islands and off they went!

And then out to dinner with Grandma (Grandpa was busy keeping the neighborhood watch meeting going) at California Dreaming.

Then half the family trekked northward for our annual 21 hour migration to Maine, while the rest caught up to them a week later by air.  The big guys stayed to anchor down the fort.

And now we can rest.

Sort of....

Hope your summer is just as wonderful.  Blessings, Kim

"...the joy of the Lord is your strength."   Nehemiah 8:10b