Thursday, February 23, 2012

First swim lesson!

Yes - we are getting ready for pool season here in the South!  The girls LOVED their first swim lesson and Sarah laughed continuously.  She's hilarious.  She was already in trouble by the end of the night for fighting over which seat she got in the car - but she always apologizes...AFTER steaming for a while.

Sarah also did a gymnastics lesson and enjoyed it - she's ready for bigger and more challenging things - despite the fact that she can't do the simple things they're teaching now (somersaults, etc.) haha!

Jenny is doing great and is such a lovie.  She's always telling me she loves me and really craves affection.  I didn't realize that in China as she was so outgoing with others, etc., and seemed a little aloof.  She's still assessing the status of everyone's belongings in relation to hers (in quantity) so that's a little annoying - but we just tell her to stop and move on.  She's a clever girl and will do well at anything she tries. 

Rachel and Katie are beginning to enjoy their new sisters - but they are exhausting - particularly to Katie.  She likes her quiet days - and this week has been anything BUT quiet!   Did I mention I'm exhausted every night, too?!  I'm hoping to get back in shape after my China "sit on the sofa, watch Chinese TV, and eat everything in sight" 3 weeks.  Did I mention that the Chinese have absolutely mastered the croissant - every kind - including chocolate?  I ate WAY too  many per day - peaking at an even dozen one morning and feeling queasy the rest of the day.  I had high fat overload, I guess, and I would definitely recommend limiting yourself at the breakfast buffet on your adoption trips...I should have stuck with the broccoli and coffee.  Much healthier.

We're doing well - and missing our travel partners a bit - but having fun reading their blogs.  I have a lot of work ahead as far as getting the girls up to snuff on American culture and education.  I was a little stressed last night about 1am - and finally realized that I just need to take one step at a time.  I'm always in a hurry - and I need to trust God and slow down.  He's got a plan, and thankfully doesn't consult me often.  He's always right, and I'm often wrong.  

I'm LOVING my new girls - even when I have to make one miss Chik Filet because she spit on her sister.  They're just so cute when they're not being naughty -it makes up for all the rest.  Please pray that they'll begin to understand that there is a God who loves them even more than I do - and has been their constant advocate since the day they were born.  Please pray for my Jenny's heart - so broken that she had to wait so long for a family.  With barely any English, she was able to ask me, "why did Rachel get to come home as a baby, and I had to wait so long?" It breaks my heart - but we WILL make it up to her.  She is ours and the Church's responsibility - and we DID wait too long.  Praying others find homes more quickly.  Blessings, Kim


  1. Oh, sweet Jenny's heart!... My Rachel asked the same thing. How do you explain that one??? Tonight she talked and talked about life in the orphanage. She said they shared everything except shoes... yes, even the tooth brush! Which she said was "gross"! I must agree! She began to tell me about a little boy waiting at the orphanage who's lips are more purple than hers... and his fingers too! I asked if he had a mommy and daddy to take him home yet... "No!" she said... "He's mean! China says only if you are a good girl, you get a mommy and daddy!" Can you imagine what that does to the heart of a child that is never chosen??? They were not "good" enough... Breaks my heart for these precious children! Oh Lord... Raise up more and more parents among your people to be Jesus with skin on to the orphans You love!!

    1. Lori - love following your blog and seeing that girl just blossom! She's just PERFECT for your family! All that trouble will be just a distant memory for that precious one soon. There's just too much joy in the McCary household!

  2. Oh Kim! That breaks my heart too!! WOW! Can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear all that I haven't heard yet!

  3. Those swimming lessons look very fun!

    Poor, Jenny. It's so hard to have to answer that question. I will pray a bit extra for her. In one adoption book I read, one child said of her past when she understood it better, "I know why you weren't able to get me sooner, but it still hurts."

  4. Wow. You are keeping those girls busy! Take a breath! LOL Angie

  5. Dear Lord, Thank you for Sarah and Jenny! Dear God, you know the places of woundedness they have now or may have in the future as it relates to their need to be adopted. I pray God that you would open their hearts to your gospel and that in the process you would heal their hurts! THank you for Kim's tenderness to the needs of all of her children! I pray you would continue to bind this family together! In Jesus' name, amen.

  6. " He's got a plan, and thankfully doesn't consult me often."