Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun with friends!

A couple of friends came over yesterday with encouragement - and we had a wonderful time.  Jennifer, Annie, and Angie have taken care of Katie while I was gone, skyped me and translated for me in China, and been wonderful prayer support along with many others.  It was nice for the Wuhan kids (Cameron and Jenny) to get together, and Jenny and Sarah ADORE Angie's Colin!  At 14 years old, he's such a nice kid, and willing to help the girls get adjusted.  He never balks at chatting with my little ones - he's just a gem of a boy!  And to think that I thought of discouraging Angie from bringing back this older kiddo...

I had initially wanted everything to be finished by 4:30 - but was actually sad when everyone left.  Angie's family joined us for dinner at the Hong Kong Buffet which was heavenly - AMERICAN Chinese food!!  Jenny has also enjoyed eating and talking at my friend's restaurant next to the dance studio.  Jenny enjoys chatting in Chinese whenever she gets the chance - and I'm hoping she's not an imposition on the adults she corners!

My neighbors brought us a smiley face cake and the girls were thrilled.  I tried to get a pic of all of them smiling around the cake:

My other snacks for guests included "Little Debbies" and Capri Sun juice boxes.  That's all I could come up with because of our many activities, making Dr.'s appointments, and getting school ready.  The "home girls" were bummed that I didn't cook - but that won't come for a few more weeks - other than the essentials.  I employed all the girls in cleaning up for our company which was a good lesson.   School starts next week - so we should get back into our routine.  I am LOVING my girls!!  I can't believe how blessed we are!  Big Brothers returned from college with good grades and big hugs for their new sisters.  God has been faithful to watch over the "home kids" while we care for the new ones.

We truly have barrels of blessings - and each morning is a big "THANK YOU" to the God who has done immeasurably more than we could have imagined. (as my friend Lori's blog states!) I'm grateful for my hubby who has worked LOTS of overtime to buy us a new swing set and pay for all our adventures in China! I'm praying he gets a year of rest to recover from all the expenses.  Of course the girls both need glasses, braces, a new eye, a new ear....trusting God to provide as He has so far. 

Blessings, Kim


  1. New eye, new ear...this might sound strange to most parents, but it's par for the course for us, isn't it?

    Can you please tell me all the shots they made your Jenny get? I hope my new daughter doesn't need so many. Of all the things I have to face, making my child get that many injections at one time, before flying, under such circumstances as adoption, is just at my limit because I hold strong views on vaccinations and they way they are being over done these days. I'm already starting to psych myself up for it.

    1. Hi Kimi! Jenny had to get 4 shots - but it's based on their shot record - so make sure you have it with you!! She was very distressed by it, but there's no getting around it for the older kiddos. The worst thing is that the U.S. won't accept their vaccinations and we have to do ANOTHER TB test on both girls and titers to check immunity. Just love the Hague Treaty - so much for helping kids...(just takes their college $$ from their parents and puts them through useless pain) sigh.

  2. It was so much fun and just great seeing all those beautiful kiddos playing together and having so much fun! Call if you need ANYTHING!