Sunday, February 5, 2012

Arrived up North

We had a nice flight north - and arrived around 9pm.  Jenny loved flying and Rachel found a Chinese comics page!

I had such a BAD night - I got a 12x12 room, (not kidding) for 4 of us and our suitcases, our eyes and throats burn from smoke and I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen - it is UNBELIEVABLE coal pollution.  I had to pray not to panic in the middle of the night for breathing.  The 3 of us slept (well I laid there listening to Jenny snore, freak, and cough) in one queen bed. ugh.  It cost $140. 

Rachel and I had a  prayer session thanking God for blessings to stave off despair.  We thanked God for the nice hotel people - especially the bell boy (man).  The wonderful guide we have, and the terrific breakfast.  I HAD FRENCH TOAST!!!!  Met a Chinese military man and his wife at breakfast - nice family.   The Taiyuan people are VERY nice - and very curious people.  They ask a lot of questions about us and we are stared at (in a nice way with smiles) wherever we go.  They are TALL people and very good humored.  I don't know how they survive the winter pollution from the coal burning (it provides electricity and heat for a lot of the North)

I switched to a suite today - expensive - I don't care if I pay if off for the rest of my lifetime - for the extra $$ it will keep me from being insane while I choke on smoke.  Here are pics - the suite is very nice - THANK YOU HUSBAND for taking such good care of me!!  I couldn't stand back enough to get a pic of the little room, lol.

WE FOUND A WALMART!!!! HEAVEN!!! I bought all kinds of snacks, mango oreos, and PLAIN crackers for our room.  And of course, the 50 cent noodle bowls to go with my $$ suite.   I found puzzles, a LEGO train station, and more for only a few dollars.  Jenny has her fav cartoons, and she's so happy! :)  Oh - I also bought Dove Dark Chocolates - I can survive the smoke with the chocolate "power."  God is Good.

The hotel is nice and the people seem very nice - although no one speaks much English at all.  The Bell boy is practicing his - so I enjoy talking to him - he is very kind to us!  The front of the hotel has cool statues - and we thought Ms. Adrian would like the statue pianist!!

Please pray for us to get used to the "soupy" air.  My eyes are really burning, and sleep is difficult as I guess you breathe deeper? Internet is spotty here - so I may have a hard time contacting you.    Love you all, and trusting God for tomorrow when we meet Sarah. 

Blessings, Kim


  1. Wow! Praying it get better! I'm so happy that you could upgrade to the suite!

  2. That suite looks like something out of a movie about a romantic couple on a trip in China :) Love the goodies from Wal-Mart! I was smiling thinking about what Sarah will think about her serene yard at home after living her whole life in that kind of choking smoke and smog! Praying for your time with the girls! Love, J

  3. Sorry to hear you are struggling with the air. We truly did not have any difficulties, but everyone is different and has different triggers. We were put into a suite by accident and gladly chose to keep it. And it was the right decision for us for our mental health! Glad to hear the staff is kind. IF you go back to Wal-Mart, would you mind snapping a few pictures, especially of the fish and stuff laid out? I never took any and wanted to show others.

    Keeping Sarah in my heart.


  4. Kim!!! I'm praying for you and the girls. The air issue would be so hard. God is good and has you in His strong hands, and I'm praying for your meeting with Sarah Grace. OHHH...and please tell Rachel that it is such a joy to my family see her being such a beautiful blessing to her momma and sister! Sure do love you guys.

  5. Praying for a steady connection. So glad to see a post. Home all afternoon and evening so call whenever you can. SUPERBOWL warning. There will be a party underway...

  6. Upgrade = = money well spent & priceless. I have been following, but not commenting - - glad things are going so well for all of you. Blessings for the rest of your journey!

  7. My sister Reese is from Taiyuan. We went in May, so the pollution wasn't really noticeable to me. It didn't bother me in March when I visited either. I guess it's worse sometimes, as I have heard of people saying it was awful. We're planning on visiting again next summer, this time with Reese, when we go to adopt again. It'll be a stopover before we head to Ana-Cherie's province.