Monday, February 13, 2012

Dinner with Friends, Consulate Appointment

We had a wonderful time with old friends, Edward and Ashley Lim, and their beautiful daughter Breton.  Rachel and she met on our last trip and we were so happy to reunite with them at dinner last night.  Ashley is the ultimate hostess when we visit China, informing us of cultural norms, local customs, and showing us the beauty of China in hospitality.   I’m hoping to host her in Charleston during the Family Circle cup as she is an avid tennis fan! 

Both Edward and Ashley were forewarned of our girls’ behavior, and were so kind to both of them – offering suggestions at the table (manners) and their daughter Breton explained some games to them.  Breton speaks Chinese, Cantonese, French, and English – perfectly.  She is such a good role model for the girls – and they were happy to speak with her in their heart language.

Ashley ordered for us and the meal was delicious – much better than the greased fare I ordered a few nights before.  They are so kind to us when we visit and we’re so blessed to call them friends. 

Afterwards, we walked around the island for the girls to get their last wiggles out!

We’ve had a great time here and I wanted to post pics of some of the families we’ve met.  First are Patrick and Diane – adopting their 13th and 14th children – twins who were “labeled” mentally delayed.  Both girls are sharp and absolutely darling – hidden gems that no one would take a chance on.  I’m so glad they’re joining such a lovely family.

We also met a couple adopting an aging out girl who has adjusted easily and is a beauty inside and out.  We have enjoyed chatting with them.

Yesterday, I purchased Jenny a Bible with parallel Chinese/English!  It is beautiful, but heavy!  She loves reading it to Sarah – although we have yet to see any effects on Sarah’s behavior…

We had our consulate appointment this morning with a 7:30am departure.  If the smile looks fake, it is. We were out late, and it was difficult to get moving this morning.  But all paperwork is behind us now. The girls fought from the moment they woke up – irritating everyone on the bus including our poor guide.  They are loud, obnoxious, and sure I’m favoring one or the other.  Let me mention how much I love the two Heartsent families who are with us (again).  They have been patient and understanding with our girls - I am so thankful for them.  They are strong Christians and just lovely people!!

 I went to Starbucks for some high octane and when the salesman asked what the girls wanted I told them in Chinese they were bad, and in English that they would get nothing.  I was DONE with their whining, fighting, and ugliness.  He seemed offended and I DIDN’T CARE.  I enjoyed a lemon cake and latte while they ate crackers.  They got the point.  At least they realize I’m treating them exactly the same now….

The next event – departure in 2 days!!  We have beautiful weather and only need to enjoy ourselves today and tomorrow. J  Packing will be a chore – but hopefully we’ll get it all in our suitcases.   We’re headed to the park shortly where they love to run and play.  I enjoy sitting and watching, lol!

Katie, if you’re reading this, I bought you a beautiful dress in the bigger size – matching Rachel’s!  The girls chose other colors – we’ll get a pic when we get home!  It wouldn’t be the same without YOU!

I’m signing off on a beautiful day, picking up the last of the laundry, and rationing funds until we return home.  I’m so thankful for our new friends and can’t wait to see their children bloom over the next year.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing a Sarah who loves – instead of being unkind.  She has so much potential – but needs to be taught a better way.  Jenny needs to feel secure in her position as daughter – and receive the assurance that she is equally loved.  Rachel is just fabulous – a little tired – but just one incredible, graceful, lovely young woman – who is a model for her sisters.  She has behaved with a maturity beyond her years on this trip.

Please continue to pray – only 2 more days and we’ll be home with the support of our family.  I am getting tired and have somehow thrown out my back and knee.  I think a good night’s sleep will make a big difference and look forward to just resting along the river as the girls play.  Love you all!  Kim


  1. You are such a trouper! You will the title of Super Mom for sure. It's going to be so exciting watching how the girls develop over the next year. I'm glad you were happy in your hotel. I'm going to call you and get the details after you've had time to recoup at home. I've loved following your trip. I'll hear this Thursday or Friday if I'm approved for my next daughter!

  2. Sounds like days full of ups and downs!! Can't wait to follow as they settle in at home! What a blessing to see Rachel handle things with such a maturity- that has to make a Mama heart very happy. Prayers for endurance these final days there.