Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aquarium Visit

Today we were off to the aquarium - it was VERY cold - and the handwarmers came in handy for our noses, hands, feet - you name it!  It was a long walk through the park in which it is housed - and we saw a lot of traditional Chinese structures.  The Holbrookes and the Dutch couple (who are very nice!) were with us.  I got a great video of dancers in the park - one guy even did a solo for me, lol!

The workers were very kind and we got some fun pictures with the guards at various places.  I don't know how they stay out all day!

Sarah is very happy and lots of fun!  She and Jenny have some territorial toy battles - but do well once it all settles out.  We kept on walking past a frozen lake and some cool old buildings.

And my favorite picture is below - Rachel was the one who saw the sign at an arcade stand - opposite world...! (read the caption above the man!)

Then into the aquarium to see some fish and a seal show

The girls really had a good time - and we saw one HUGE seal!

Back into the cold for a few more pics

The new girls are always running ahead chattering with our guide, Michael.  He's terrific with them and never runs out of patience!  Rachel and I have to pose for the pictures often - and the Dutch couple is so sweet to take them.  We finished off a fun morning with a trip to our favorite - McD's!! Initiating Sarah into the junk food cult.  After no fast food for 5 days, I was actually looking forward to it.  I ordered 6 pineapple pies (they taste like apple) and guess who got the extras (me)  I'm just praying my pants fit through the last week here....

I can't believe I spent a year worrying about a grieving girl here.  Sarah has been full of joy every day - I keep wondering when or if the grief will begin? So far we see nothing but a fun little sister who loves to play electronics, dance, and tease her big sister - endlessly.  Jenny is not amused - but has become a terrific teacher.  Last night, she showed her how to take a shower.  Rachel told her it was her turn to do the duty since Rachel taught HER. :)  I am loving these girls - and it has been so much easier than I ever expected.  It's a challenge to keep everyone occupied in a hotel room, but it's a terrific suite and worth every penny.  The girls have fun with balloons, puzzles, and playdough - only thing lacking is a DVD player.  It's amazing I've been able to find time to blog - they always accommodate my time loading pics, and typing - they're such good girls.  Thank you for the prayers.  You have held us up day by day.  Today our scripture is Philippians 4 - "Rejoice - again I say Rejoice!"  Tomorrow we head to warmer climates. 

Love you all!  Kim


  1. What a great compromise for the meeting. I can't wait to talk with you about it. It looks like all is going as well as possible. Sarah is beautiful! I love the dancing video of all the girls! Your family is in for some seriously fun times!

  2. Kim, I have loved following along! I pray my girls adjust as easily as yours.

  3. I am so glad you are having a good time and so relieved that Sarah is full of joy! Maybe it wasn't Sarah that didn't want to be adopted, but Sarah's foster mom that didn't want her to be adopted. Those may have been her words and not Sarah's. How wonderful that the girls all get along so well. Can't wait to see the homecoming with Katie!

  4. So glad to see things going so smoothly!!!
    Who would have thought, 2 women, trveling so close together, with such similar situations, and it all goes PERFECTLY!!!!!
    Hope your trip to GZ is great, and enjoy the warmer temps there-no hand warmers needed:)
    Love ya