Friday, March 2, 2012

Foster Families, Kitchen Aids, and Medical Appt's

Things are getting back to normal.  Rachel is back to real practice on the piano - not the time warp, jet lagged, stupor kind of practice she did last week.

Kids are back to chores and not playing exclusively with their new sisters - it's nice to have my helpers back!  We've had a GREAT but crazy week - and I haven't taken many pictures to make a post worthwhile. :)  I had the life altering crisis of my year old dishwasher breaking - 2 mos. after the warranty expired...Beware of Kitchen Aid - it never worked well anyway.  Quiet means "not powerful."  I replaced it with a $359 work horse that uses TONS of water and is very loud while it scours my dishes.  There's a very loud food grinder in it also that doesn't require me to wash dishes prior to putting them in a dishwasher...

Here's an update on the girls and their adjustment:

Jenny decided not to mock my prayers any more after I took her bike away.  Worked like a charm!  She still thinks it's funny - but at least it's good-natured and not ugly.  She's beginning to work hard on English - but is still shy about speaking it.  She gave her teachers a bit of a hard time about wearing headphones (or her single ear bud for her one ear) as she wanted to play the computer loudly for the class to focus on HER.  The bike was threatened again, so I don't think we'll have any more issues with that.  The greater problem is the lack of respect or even acknowledgement of any authorities in her life.  Apparently, she was very independent in China.  I am working hard on teaching her the reality of benevolent authority in life so that she will have an open heart to God some day.  I don't want to pay my OUTRAGEOUSLY UNFAIR taxes to this outrageously unfair administration, for example, but I do it because they are my authority. (albeit hopefully to be replaced before I have no savings left whatsoever....) We all have to learn to come under authority - a lesson I learned too late in life.  But I digress.  Jenny is a smart girl, a hopeless tomboy, and very happy with her life.  Her only issue is distribution of wealth amongst the children ("she has more toys than me")  I can't stand that garbage - but don't want to wax political again.  I hope she doesn't grow up to be a democrat.

Sarah is behaving beautifully in school - still quite wild at home.  She's a VERY happy kid with apparently no sadness over leaving her long time foster family.  Perhaps that will come later - but she is full of affection for both sisters, mom, and dad even!  To those who are worried about the transition from foster families - we have had three very easy transitions (so far).  Read, become informed, but don't worry about something that may never happen.  Isaiah 26:3 comes to mind.  Philippians 4 sustained me through my wait.   I'm a little concerned about her lack of grief - but will never have my many questions answered.   Jenny, likewise, has no sadness - but I think her family prepared her well.  Sarah's move was much more emotional for her family.

Big brothers came home from college today.

The girls were so excited and caused quite a ruckus.  The boys are very patient with their fan club!

Things are going very well, but I'm up late tonight getting the many medical appointments (7 more made today) on my calendar - along with swimming lessons (safety issue!) and other important events (like a birthday party for both girls)  I'm back to devotions and Bible study in the morning - good stuff - instead of the abbreviated fare I've lived with for the last month.  Life is good.  The boys brought some kind of yucky cold home from school - so next week might get challenging - but for now everyone is doing well.

Blessings, Kim


  1. Yes. She's got only a tag where her ear is supposed to be and a drawing to the right on her skull. The right side of her face is paralyzed which becomes evident when she smiles. You'd never know it when she's at rest - but when she becomes animated it contorts her face quite a bit. Oddly enough, we don't even notice it any more - or Sarah's missing eye. They're like typical healthy kids!