Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Birthday Party!

We had a great time today watching the girls celebrate their first birthdays in America!  I decided to keep it low key with just family and our neighbors (who are like family!)

The girls were so excited about blowing out the candles!  We lit them each separately and sang the Happy Birthday song!

They got hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, pillow pets, and the hit:  a baby doll for each!

They're precious the way they take care of the dolls and had them all bundled up this morning and in their crib that their friends gave them.  They just love these dolls!

We're so blessed to have our families close.  For years they were far away - we never take it for granted.  I'm thankful our boys are able to come home every weekend also - the girls are thrilled when they walk in the door - it's so fun to watch them clap their hands and give them big hugs.  They're great big brothers!  

We finished off the day with an easy dinner (thank you Publix for Rotisserie chickens) and a quiet movie night.

I can't believe how well the girls have done in such a short time.  Jenny's English is coming along quickly - but Sarah's has gone backwards.  She has a Chinese student in her class who is now translating for her at school.  She has no real need to learn English and it shows.  Jenny is "sink or swim" in her school environment, so she has had to speak English to communicate.  I bought her a cute necklace this week as a reward for learning all of her English words - she's working very hard and seems to be a natural at languages.  Sarah has the best pronunciation when she tries - but for now she's content to let others translate for her. (sister and fellow student)  I'm just going to give it time for now - but hoping we can find some encouragement for her to learn as well.

Every day is a new opportunity to count our blessings.  Happy Sunday!  Kim


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to catch up. Angie

  2. Happy birthday to those sweet girls!!! I am loving reading about how well life is going back home!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your girls!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Happy Birthday, Sarah! I just LOVE your cute little baby dolls and furniture. I hope you are having a lot of fun with them.