Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sarah's favorite thing

Sarah's favorite thing is being held upside down.  It's the funniest thing!  She's always coming to me and asking for me to hold her upside down - starting in China after I had done it once!  Too funny!  I'm glad to have my big guys home this weekend to help with the upside down holding. 

This kid is HIGH energy - up and dressed at 6am this Sunday morning.  We gave her permission to wake up her sisters at 7am!!  They were not happy, haha! 

Here are some more historical pics of upside down holding, haha!

Praying for energy to keep up with this one!! Blessings, Kim


  1. That is just too funny! Praying for strength and energy!

  2. Of course things are still new and she has a lot of settling that can happen with time....but liking to be upside-down....big sensory thing. The extremely high energy kids- the ones that seem to have a motor that won't turn off- are "sensory" seekers and one thing that meets their need is spinning/upside-down types of activities. We turn Peter upside-down lots...he loves it because it meets some of the sensory needs he is deficit in. It makes him feel better. He is a "sensory" seeker- he goes 14 hrs per day, non-stop. Exhausting. If he didn't have CP affecting one of his legs, we would install a waist high parallel bar so he could hang by his knees himself. But, he lays over an exersise ball and rolls so his head hangs almost upside-down independently. If you begin to feel Sarah (or you and/or the other kids!) are....struggling...due to her being too full of might consider Carol Kranowitz's "Out-out-sync child" books. They are very practical for parents. The "Out of Sync child one" helps you identify what type of sensory issues are there...the "Out-of-Sync Child has Fun" gives you tons of activities to do for each type of issue. It's all good stuff for ANY kid who has ground to make up due to their previous environment anyway. Blessings, Jennifer