Monday, March 5, 2012

"Reality Bites" -and ESL tools

"Reality Bites":  We had our first incident of "being noticed as different."  A little guy put his hand over his eye and made fun of Sarah.  He didn't "mean to be mean," but she didn't like it and was not amused.  I shook my head "no" to him and he stopped - but it gave me some insight into why this little one may have a hot temper and is fairly good at defending herself.  

We don't even notice it, oddly enough, so it takes you by surprise when others do.  Most people are curious, including kids, but this was our first experience of unkindness.  Sarah is a tough cookie - so I was more worried about the offender if she decided to take action...  but it still makes my heart hurt for her.

On the English front, the girls are doing SO well!  It's very interesting to see them picking up words, and much of their acquisition is similar to a toddler's.  I'm starting to understand that much toddler defiance has to do with lack of communication skills - interesting. 

Our ALL TIME FAVORITE ESL TOOL:  Better Homes and Gardens or Good Housekeeping magazines!!! We stumbled upon this during a boring wait at the dance studio and it has been FABULOUS!  The mags are all about pictures of faces, clothing, furniture, colors, flowers, dogs and cats, and food!  All the typical family stuff!  Even the ads help a lot!  The girls find it more interesting than the same old picture word books - we're really excited about using these.  We may go to the library to find some more - sports, animals - so much to find in the terrific pics they put in magazines!

I can't get over how much the girls adore their brothers - they had no fear of men whatsoever and must have had good relationships within their foster families.  I found out yesterday that Sarah slept in a common bed with the family - so that is something to ponder.  I'm glad she's sharing with her sister and not alone in a room.  Jenny is starting to sleep in - HOORAY - still working on Sarah!

We're still working on social graces with our Tomboy Jenny.  She's starting to enjoy getting dressed up for Church, and I finally bought her a pretty dress.  Both girls are fairly rough with material things - spills, etc., so we won't be buying anything expensive just yet.  I couldn't resist the one Church dress for Jenny as it really filled out her skinny bones figure - a balloon type dress.  Don't you wish you had that problem??!! haha!

Anyway, here are some pics before Church - hopefully we'll become a little more fashionable shortly once we don't need "wash and wear" so much! :)

We are enjoying the girls so much - they are brave and smart and want to learn.  I'm so proud of them and how hard they're working on their English and just "learning the ropes" of family living.  Katie and Rachel are so patient with them and only have had a day or two (like I have) of irritability with the high energy and tremendous daily needs.  Even the smallest things have to be attended to - despite their ages - as they didn't know so much about how we do things (like turn on/off faucets, wash hair), where to find things, (cups, forks, combs)  - silly stuff - but things that take time and experience of daily routine.   We're so thankful for them and see God work daily to make even the smallest details work well for them and our family.  I'm thankful for my mom who has made doing all of this possible as she helps me to be in more than one place at one time OFTEN!  She hasn't complained once about missing a Bible study, golf, or event - and willingly offers to sit home with some while I drive others where they need to be.  It's a busy first couple of months with medicals, swimming lessons, and shopping for needs.

Praising the Lord for His daily provision through His people (friends, teachers, and family) Blessings, Kim

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  1. Beautiful girls! I'm envious that you found dresses that have sleeves. All the dresses in our stores are sleeveless - all year 'round, even when it's 30 degrees outside.