Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

I haven't had much time to blog lately as everything takes a looooong time with my "no weight bearing" restriction.  Showering, getting down the stairs, going to the bathroom are are all events - rather than moments.  The kids are all so helpful, and the boys are champs at getting their sisters around to all the many dance recital and music classes.  Although I've lost the ability to drive and get about, I've discovered some unexpected blessings in "being still."

I've been much more consistent with reading aloud with the girls, as well as listening to them read.  I've head time to find lots of good phonics books and work on them with Sarah and Jenny.  Most of all, I've been a "captive audience" for anyone who just wants to sit and chat - something I was often impatient with in the past.

All the kids have learned to cook some essential items:  scrambled eggs for the girls, multiple meals and grilling for the boys, and today they'll likely tackle chocolate chip cookies.  These are things done much more efficiently by me - and I rarely let the kids participate as we had such a busy schedule of activities, grocery stores, and Walmart. :)  All the kids have learned some valuable life skills, and learned great compassion for the (temporarily) disabled.

I've also tasted some yummy treats brought by friends - here are the vanilla scones from Dorita D. - all fuel for faster healing, lol!  Don't underestimate the power of happiness in the physical healing process!

Jenny has developed some well needed empathy - and has become a much nicer girl for it.  She has enjoyed her homeschool video classes after school, and likes the first grade reading because, as she says, "I UNDERSTAND this, Mom!"  She is reading beautifully on a beginning 1st grade level after only 3 months home.  This includes the 2 weeks where I was completely out of the picture with my surgery and initial recovery.  The school ESOL program has been a HUGE blessing, but we've decided that her multi-level needs (4th math, 1st reading, etc.) make homeschooling her the best choice.  I'm thankful for the few months she spent in school as I believe it really helped her English skills more than being home would have.

Sarah will likely return to school next year as she is on level (ahead in Math) and she'll need more ESOL intervention.  She is still a bundle of energy, and would not be able to follow the combined science and history that we are doing with the 3 older girls.  We have a very supportive school system and are thankful how they've come alongside to support us in transitioning the girls to a new culture.

I think both our new daughters are extraordinarily bright, athletic, and talented, and we feel very blessed that God chose us as their family.  Without the help of several advocates, these girls would have been black and white names - with a "multiple special needs" label - and we wouldn't have known that such hidden gems existed.  THANK YOU to those who posted their pics, asked for families, and took the time to find out about - and talk about - their wonderful personalities.  It scares me to think we might have missed them.  Finally - take a look at this beautiful boy who has the best write up I've ever seen in an orphan file.  I'd give anything to be able to adopt him myself:

Please pray that he will find a family.  What a blessing he will be!! He turns 12 in August and his time is running out.  This boy desperately wants a mom and dad. 

Please pray that I will continue to heal well and be back on my feet and THEN able to go slowly as needed. I'm getting a little stir crazy in the house - but a fall would put me back into surgery - and recovery would begin again.  Achilles tendon ruptures are a long recovery to normalcy, and only time allows you to meet the milestones of limping, walking, and healing beyond the danger of re-rupture.  I'm counting the days - but counting the blessings along the way as well.

Thanking God for my friends and family who have given me joy during a difficult time.  Blessings, Kim


  1. Enjoyed the update and so happy to hear how well the girls are doing!

  2. Great post Kim! I can't wait to see you out and about again! Angie

  3. Praying that you continue to heal without delay. You seem to have a wonderful school system, and what a wonderful blessing!

  4. So many times, I had "planned" to call you while you're healing, but got too busy. Now, I have alot of time on my hands...broke my foot this week. Is God giving me a reminder? I apologize for being negligent!!!

  5. So glad you have found some unexpected blessings during this time of healing. Sounds like the girls are doing great! Looking forward to reading how the upcoming school year goes with three home. Sounds like you have a great plan to balance everyone's academic needs. You are doing such an amazing job!!! :)