Saturday, May 5, 2012

Slowly coming back

Guess where everyone is hanging out now? :)  My bedroom is the new gathering area where I get to hear the stories about school, English teachers, dance classes, and other.  Big brothers are taking girls to classes, the swimming pool, and being all around great guys - never complaining about the continuous needs of a busy household.  I LOVE MY KIDS!  They are selfless and love to help.  I'm almost tripping over Sarah as she wants to get the lights and doors for me - making it somewhat dangerous on my crutches.  Just praying she tires of this soon!

Jenny is a little put out by my absence - her main concern was my inability to sign her school folder downstairs and wash her clothes.  She is learning empathy, however, as she assesses the situation - but still is feeling a bit ripped off that this happened so soon after her arrival.  Believe it or not - I understand this.  This poor kid has gone a long time without a mama to do all these things - and so I let her read to me in bed and listen to her stories about school more.  Oddly enough, this seems to be exactly what she needs as she's never really snuggled or been the recipient of physical affection - although she was well cared for by her foster family.  She didn't want to take time to call them in country - despite having their phone number, etc.  She only called once, and described her new life more in material improvement vs. family description.

I'm mostly positive now as I know a loving God allowed and likely even orchestrated this.  It's too freak accident and really shouldn't have happened since I'm in pretty good shape and had been road biking/swimming on alternate days.  He has a purpose and that makes the pain and inconvenience bearable.  I hope I catch onto the lesson quickly - but I know I need lessons in patience and trust - so that may not be the plan...

I'm no longer nauseous or in much pain - but am trying to get organized and efficient in getting around, having things nearby - GOSH I need a butler!  While my family does the same stuff - it makes me feel guilty asking continuously.  I can't stand trash that misses the basket, dirty clothes on the floor and other - so I'm learning to let go of these petty irritations.

A dear friend (Dee Ann) who has the gift of creativity and kindness brought me the SWEETEST basket yesterday!   (pic above) A fragrant rose, Godiva Chocolates, magazines, and even a really cute tiara among other things.  It made my day!  I have wonderful caring friends with busy lives who still check in and make sure everything's ok.  I'm so thankful!

On that note, I'll leave you with a pic of the back of my T-shirt that I bought on one of my last mobile days:

Pretty prophetic and sums it up nicely.  Hopefully, this little "unpleasantness" will teach my daughters what my friends already know - as they watch the love poured out on our family.  You can add "Southern Boys" into that as well - my sons are in the midst of finding jobs, planning their next year of college, and summer fun - but they have prioritized helping their dad and family while we figure out our new normal.   Blessings, Kim


  1. Love that shirt!!!! SO glad that you are finding the good in this dear friend! CALL me if you need ANYTHING!!!!!!

  2. Kim,

    I am so sorry to hear of your injury! Yikes! One minute fine, then bam. I wish you all the best in your recovery. I'm so happy to hear your family is being so supportive (and who knows, maybe even gaining a little more appreciation?) and that this is giving you some special time to connect more with Jenny.

    Good luck!
    Heather H.