Monday, May 7, 2012


I am going to hire a housekeeper to take some of the burden off my children around the house.  They are now the main cooks, cleaner uppers, waitresses, shower hands, and even appliance men since Kyle will have to install the new washing machine parts when they arrive.  They do the driving, shopping, and all the rest while they are trying to find a summer job.  I'm praying Harris Teeter hires one of them so they'll at least be able to combine those two jobs.

But the housekeeper has been too busy to call me back - so I sit with my leg on a cushion while my kids dust and vacuum around me.  While they are enthusiastically helping, and cheerfully doing chores that they formerly avoided, it still makes me uncomfortable to be the helpless one.  I LIKE to pick up after everyone, to keep the house nice, and to somewhat martyr myself in the process.   They don't particularly enjoy the work, but they love helping and that is very humbling.  When I was in "two shoes" (ATR folks lingo), I complained about my bulk of the work - now I humbly ask others to pick up the trash when I miss the can, leave my plate and mess and hobble away, and generally need others for something as simple as a seated meal.  They never remind me that they're doing all the work - and that's a lesson I sorely needed teaching.  Be thankful you can do all the work friends - it really is a blessing - and I am not kidding.

While hubby was out getting the groceries, he picked up this terrific Tervis mug for me that keeps my coffee hot and in the cup while the kiddos run it up the stairs in the morning.  I LOVE it!!  Just another sweet, spoiling thing my family has purchased for me.  I LOVE my shower and toilet chairs - thanks to my mom and dad's former accidents - what a relief on my one leg.

Kris J. recommended these "crutch muffins" that have a little pocket for carrying my phone and other small items around and super soft furry tops and handholds - they were worth every penny if you've ever felt the initial few days of crutches.

I'm getting pretty buff in the arms for an old lady - walking to the bathroom is a workout.   I'm starting to feel some pain relief, but have flares of cramps and pain throughout the day - the girls are a good distraction for that when they come to chat in between playing. Rachel reads aloud to me from "A Father's Promise" - a great story of WWII Warsaw.  Puts my daily struggles in perspective.
Perry is an incredible cook - so meals have actually gotten better around here - life is good.

I'm determined to enjoy my recovery - as 6-12  months is a LONG time to write off as wasted time. Just before bed last night, I watched Joni Earickson Tada interviewed - who lives with much worse everyday - and will have no "recovery."  Makes me ashamed to be such a whiny hiney.   No way that was a coincidence to see her on TV - God is good.  I had a "dance party" with my kids last night - yes - you can dance in a chair with your leg on a pillow!  It was hilarious and so good to cheer up my worriers!  Clint played the keyboard and is really DJ GOOD and the girls had a great time.  Sarah can dance like you never saw - good heavens, that kid is energetic!  Afterward, Clint played "It is Well With my Soul" and some other beautiful hymns for me - love it!  We had so much fun!!

Hoping my doc returns my calls today.  I want to check out a cast boot that you can get wet - but I need a prescription as it's $300 - yikes!  I'd like to spend some of the summer at the pool with my new girls - they really love it and it's so good for them to keep practicing.  So my barrel is full of blessings - and this is a chance for me to get just a little glimpse into the struggles of those around me that deal with this stuff regularly.  It's hard - and I'm embarrassed to say I never really understood with much compassion till now.  I can't imagine doing this alone - and many do - including orphans with no equipment, love, or hope.  Look for them - they need our help.  In the meantime, I continue my lessons in humility and hope to learn them well.  Thanking God for His patience with me.  Blessings, Kim


  1. Thank you for that reminder to be thankful that I can pick up after them. I needed that. :)

  2. Oh Kim, I knew you would find the positive in all of this. God is using this in your life and you seem be soaking up all that He is teaching you! You know that I am here if you need me!!!

  3. A truly inspiring post. Thanks, Kim! Hope you are having a glorious day!

  4. I'm sorry this recovery time is so long....I bet it is really hard to be down when there's so much you'd like to be doing with all your kids. But while I'm sure none of you would like you to be down that long, it's going to be a great opportunity to learn some new skills for the girls. I bet there will be some proud moments as you watch some of them step up and learn new things during this time!!! :) Blessings, Jennifer

  5. I can so identify with that martyr bit!! I am praying for your recovery!! With all 3 of our girls, I went into premature labor and was on semi to full bed rest with all 3 of them. Those months were so very humbling as well. You are right, though, God uses our humility to allow us the blessing of accepting help and accepting our frailty. May the Lord use this "bad" thing for HIS good!! I have been praying regularly for God to change my perspective. Instead of thinking about what I "have" to do, I pray that God will help me to see it as what I "get" to do. I take so much for granted! Thank you for your post - your humility and insight are gifts for me :) Love you! (Just as a suggestion, don't hire the lady you hired before you traveled to get S and J :) ha ha!)

  6. Once again, dear Kim--a homerun post. God is refining us each day! So thankful that He cares enough to do this. It is a blessing to be physically able to care for others. Enjoy the rest and know that your children are learning valuable lessons through this also! Love you friend! Angie

  7. Sweet Kim
    such a wonderful post-you certainly have a way with words, and thoughts, and spiritual insights-
    how incredible that you are already learning some major things-letting go, humility, grace, contentment, MAJOR things actually!
    If you scrapbook, I think this might be a really good time to get some scrapping done-and I sure hope you get a cast you can get wet, sounds like you have a crew that needs to be in the water, and so do you-it should be great therapy!!
    Hope He continues to sustain you and hold you up-and thanks for sharing your insights-we need to hear them:)
    Love you