Friday, May 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Cast #1 - cute - but painful!

Cast #2 the next day - not as painful - but still not fun.  I got my "Vacoped" boot in today - too late for my appointment - bummer.  It's a high tech boot that acts as a cast - but can convert to a hinged walking boot later.  I was afraid to spend the $$ - and now wish I had ordered it in time for my post op - it's awesome!  But no chance of trying it until my next appointment on Wednesday.  sigh.  I'm just thankful I have my robo-boot to look forward to vs. the medieval contraption the doc gave me.  ADVOCATE for yourself - they're too busy in surgery to mess with accessories. 

So here's the real pretty in pink:

They cheer me up every day - and never complain about my MIA status in the mornings (no more eggs for breakfast) constant trips up and down stairs, and generally being my legs, arms, and runners.

The new girls are showing some signs of stress with my "absence."  They don't like seeing their big sis as authority when I'm in the other room - and they miss "snugging" with mom on the sofa (it's too low for me to get up from there.)  I need to start watching movies in bed where they can take turns cuddling - they really need this and my downstairs arm chairs and ottomans keep everyone at bay.  They are disappointed that we can "go" like we usually do - we have lots of fun in the car - and the last few days the pain has made it not as fun to do chair dance parties, etc.  I need to get "back in the game" - because there's just no substitute for mom.  

Big brothers do all the dance driving, pool visiting, etc. with their sisters - they are such great kids.  They want to help and Clint has spent numerous hours in doctor's offices - not so fun.   So no one's missing anything - just the absence of mom on the back porch, at the pool, etc.  I really need to get going to fulfill my "watch me" duties - all kids need that as they do their cartwheels, learn to swim, and ride their bikes.  The cast is less painful today - so hopefully I'll be able to get outside.

People have offered all kinds of help - for which I'm grateful - but we're doing well.  My mom and dad have been INCREDIBLE - doing the laundry (2 year old Maytag washing machine bit the dust this week - right after the 1 year, 2 mos. old Kitchenaid Dishwasher - rant coming on...) cooking dinners, etc. Washing Machine arrives Saturday, PTL, and the massive loads will begin.

I need an idea for Mother's Day Dinner or present for my mom - someone HELP me!!! (she doesn't read my blog)  I'm so thankful my parents are close by - with hubby on the road alot, I require an entire NASCAR pit crew to fill all the needs here.  We are an active family!  Please comment with a good idea for Mother's Day - or email me offlist.  My mom deserves a thank you - delivery capable - and it's so hard to know what to do in this situation.  Blessings, Kim


  1. How about a pedicure and manicure or massage.

  2. I was just in the middle of writing a post about Mother's Day... (excerpt)

    I really do mean it when I say I don't want a gift, though. What do I need? Nothing. Less stuff. Here are the gifts that make me happy:

    Happy Mother's Day!