Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random pics

This is what we're living off of in the evenings.  Of course this is after a nutritious lunch of McD's Happy Meals and McFlurries.  Yeah baby, my cholesterol ought to be in the 400's by the time I get home....I did have broccoli with my coffee at breakfast - so maybe that makes up for it?  Hmm...

Jenny got tired of waiting for me to finish my 10th micro mug of coffee this morning so she decided to get up on  her knees and look backward in the chair.  Of course she went over in slow motion, and there was no way to catch her.  She was fine, if not a bit dramatic, but at least in confirmed that Americans are bad parents for the watching crowd.  My response?  Hook me up to the hotel internet so I can tell her not to stand on the chair in google translate.

She is HILARIOUS and witty.  We talked with the Rylands at length this morning and she had Colin and Cameron in stitches with her quips.  I cannot WAIT to hear her true personality come out in English - unfortunately, it will be a while.

Rachel confided to me that Jenny is just the tiniest bit getting on her nerves.  Rachel has been a saint with Jenny, and so patient!! But I'm sure we're frustrating her a bit with our inability to laugh at her jokes (they're in Chinese)  I appreciate the fact that Rachel needs a bit of down time as well - which we'll get when the guide arrives to chatter with Jenny.  If I haven't mentioned it, Rachel is the best kid in the world.  Love that girl!!! (and you, too, Katie bug, if you're reading this!!! Kisses from mom!)

Clint - I want to personally thank you for the 4:55am wake up call this morning - who needs a hotel wake up service!  Plus - it was much more cheery to hear from you about all your success in school this week.  We miss you and Kyle so much!

We're off to the Stone Museum, where the souvenirs ought to help us set records at the airline baggage weighing counter.  Suitcases full of books for Angie R. and rocks for Rachel - we'll see if Tumi luggage can do what is says.  Hope Nanny's not sorry she let us borrow it....

We're hoping to get video and pics at the orphanage today for the waiting parents!! PLEASE someone email me about how to mail the videos from my iPad.  They keep going into my iPhoto instead of iMovie....I'll have to work on that today.

Anyway - great thanks to an awesome God for giving us such wonderful Christian friends and prayer support on this trip.  Thank you Colin Rylands for all your conversation and translation help - you are a wonderful young man and are a blessing to all who know you.  We miss everyone and look forward to another day of adventure, mismatched clothing, and laundry in the bathtub.  Boy I miss my DRYER!!!



  1. Colin was happy to help. He enjoys reading your blog posts. He now knows how to translate them into Mandarin!

    I can help with the videos. Call me.

  2. Love reading your posts! I am so thrilled for all of you. How wonderful you are spotting some "hidden treasures" to advocate for!
    Continued payers -
    (mom to Wuhan sweetie, JunFen)