Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Notary and Bookstore

Jenny was her usual cheerful self today - but really lit up when our guide arrived.  She is VERY talkative and I can tell that lack of communication is starting to wear on her.  She has so much to communicate and is unable to do it.  How frustrating!

Last night, she tried to show Rachel how to play a card game...

She was very patient and Rachel tried to understand!  Today we went to the notary - I got some cute pics there while she entertained all the adults with her witty remarks.

We then went to the bookstore and collected some terrific books - some for Jenny and some for Colin.  Aesops Fables, Tom Sawyer (which she had already read on a low level) and some Cd's.  As often happens, the Cd's turned out to be something that didn't work at all so I wasted some yuan on that purchase.  Afterwards, we tried McD's - right across from our hotel and on every block for that matter - and it was just like home!  They have a picture menu - so we went back after the guide left for McFlurries!

Rachel practiced on the local studio's keyboard - and nearly froze to death as there is no heat.  She took off her coat so the sleeves didn't interfere with her playing - but then was REALLY cold.  I love this pic of her playing in the shirt and hat!

While we waited for Rachel, I asked Jenny to do a few math problems to see where she is with her studies.  She was game for the first page, but clearly pretended she didn't know how to do the second.  She reportedly knows her multiplication math facts to the nines - but said she couldn't add 40 + 19.  I didn't want to make her do anything she doesn't want to at this point as the communication bit is really hard on her I think.  She will not try any English words - but will mimic occasionally.  I can see that she might think we're going to learn Chinese, lol!  I am using some phrases with her which are actually working (thank you Rosetta Stone and Simple Language!) but she is not interested in saying English words.  Katie wanted to learn words right away - so this is definitely different. 

She seems to like being with us - but REALLY wants to talk to us.  It will be nice when Sarah comes along and they can talk.  Anyway, gotta go figure out something we can all play together - Tom and Jerry is almost done! 

Blessings, Kim


  1. Oh how I love love love following along! Loved the photo of Rachel playing the piano!

  2. Did you bring Farkle? It is a great group game and super easy to learn. Love ya! Angie

  3. I love how sweet they look together! It will be a blessing to watch their friendship grow! I was sharing at Classical Conversations yesterday how God had answered prayers and rather than Jenny being reluctant, she seemed rather excited to begin this journey as a J family member!! I also love following along on your blog! Watching Angie's was also exciting, but there is a new dimension watching yours knowing that God willing we'll be following this path this fall.
    I have been watching your blog like a hawk hoping and praying the Wuhan orphanage will allow you to meet with Luke and Trevor! Did McD's have coffee cream that you like? Blessings! PS It sounds like I am going to need to learn a little more chinese than "hello" and "I love you" :) I will be praying for Jenny to feel confident trying english :)

  4. Kim
    Hve you tried google translater? I put in on my ipad, and it may help Jenny thru some of her communication issues
    glad to see it is all going well, don't ya love McDs?
    We hardly saw any of them while in province!!!!

  5. How about Slapjack or War? I think they are simple enough to explain by example. We bought VCD's in Taiyuan and they play in some of our machines (generally the cheaper ones) but not in others.