Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exploring and Pianos

Today we ventured out for some adoption business, exchanging $, etc.  All of our paperwork is in order for tomorrow.  Our guide, Michael is terrific.  Since Rachel has a piano competition when we return, we asked him if there was a piano we could use here in Wuhan.  He was able to find a music studio right next to our hotel where Rachel can use a keyboard!!  She was able to practice there today while Michael waited with us.  It was only $17 or so for the week of unlimited use.  God has blessed us with so many conveniences on this trip so far – we are being shown that we are truly “worth many sparrows” to Him.   

We haven’t ventured out to restaurants yet – but are working up the courage.   During an adventurous stroll today, crowds were intimidating – people were everywhere, and there was not much personal space.  

We are meeting Jenny tomorrow and are very excited to see what her personality is like.  Please pray for her first meeting with us – that she will not be too afraid and that we will provide her with the reassurance she needs to be in such an unfamiliar environment.  After our stroll today, I know how unfamiliar surroundings can put you out of sorts.

We have found Wuhan business people to be very friendly – and no one thinks we’re out of the ordinary at all – much different than we had heard.  The funniest things we’ve seen are people walking around with rolling suitcases and everyone honking their horns continuously.    I like the honking as it has saved our lives quite a few times.  Traffic is not confined to the road, but motorcycles freely use the sidewalk when it’s more expedient.  Many establishments are smoky as smoking is very popular here.  Our hotel floor is completely non-smoking, which is a welcome respite.

The hotel food is hit or miss – last night was terrific, (pizza and ham sandwich) - today I ordered stir fried veggies and got a plate of what looked like mini lettuce heads.  It was expensive and after a bite or two I couldn’t eat any more.  I retired to oreos and dried apricots in the room.   The breakfast buffet is good – but we need to find something for the rest of the day.   We’ll work on that tomorrow! 

We’re going to rest up the rest of the day and wait till breakfast to eat again. 



  1. Find a big department store and hit the food court! You'll find something there for lunch and also something that will keep for your dinner, too.

  2. I pray for Jenny's heart to be ready to join your family! I pray that she would understand what a gift being in your loving family will be!! I hope you find some good food soon :) Love that Rachel found a place to play piano! Tobe and I were looking at your pics of Wuhan last night in your last place - what a HUGE amount of people in such a small place!! We'll be praying for your first meeting with Jenny!

  3. Praying Kim!!! The girls and I read your post and I told them that we would pray for sweet Jenny tonight!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like things are going well overall. Glad you were able to find use of a piano!!! We occasionally bought these giant buckets (as opposed to the cups you find here at home) of Ramen noodles. VERY inexpensive and familiar. Just add boiling water. :)

  5. Praying for your gotcha day with Jenny in the morning!! Can't wait to hear all about it and to see your girls all together finally!

  6. So excited that tomorrow is the day!!!! Glad that your trip is going well. I'll be following along. :)