Monday, January 30, 2012

Gotcha Day continued

Jenny is finally here and not the quiet sensible girl that we imagined!  She is witty and clever, however, and already starting to try to use English!  She says, “let’s go,” “thank you,” all on her own initiative.  Our guide laughs at her constantly as she makes quips and says funny things continuously.  She doesn’t like to shop much, but we went to a very expensive store (ouch) and got her 3 sweaters and a pair of shoes today.  She was dressed for Alaskan weather (appropriately) in many layers today.  She asked us, “aren’t we afraid of the cold?”  It was funny.

The director, teacher, and civil affairs officer were all very kind people – obviously having the children’s welfare at heart.  The director asked me to send pictures to him as I had time – he was very nice.  Her teacher was also very sweet.  We are very fortunate that Jenny was cared for by such dedicated and caring people.

She is very petite – just a small framed girl – and looks very tiny next to Rachel.  She is very aggressive about making her needs known – and LOVES to use the communication book that a friend made.  She carries it around and points to  “shower” and “hungry” etc – she loves that book!  Another child might be too shy to use it, but Jenny has definite opinions and a schedule to keep to, lol!
We were able to Skype Perry and he was so excited to see her. J  Poor Katie got woken up because Jenny insisted on meeting her “Mei-Mei.”   She’s quite assertive. (this is an understatement)  She appears to be obedient, however, as she asks for what she wants.  The shower water in her face seemed to bother her, oddly enough, as she was very excited to take a shower.  (she seemed afraid to have it in her face) 

Rachel and she are busy playing iPad apps and having a great time.  She’s purposefully looking for English words on the flashcards – and really likes Math Bingo.  The girls wanted to stay in and eat noodle bowls tonight (they smell pretty good) but I ordered myself a pizza.  I’m very tired – and I think she’s going to crash as well.  We’ll put on a movie and all of us watch it till we fall asleep. 

To sum it all up, we’re praising God for such a beautiful soul that has become our daughter.  I expect that our great communicator will have a hard time soon with her inability to express herself – but for now she’s doing great and has amazing courage and optimism!  Thank you Lord and all who have prayed on our behalf.  Sending love from the other side of the world! 




  1. JOY JOY JOY!!! I would wake in the night and whisper prayers and how gracious God is!! I'm thrilled for you to get to know this little bundle of delight!! She actually sounds like how I would describe you :) I pray you all get the rest you need!! So happy for you and your family!!

  2. What an amazing day! God is so faithful! She is beautiful and clearly YOUR daughter! I am so glad that you were able to take Rachel with you.

  3. Oh Kim
    God is SOOOO good!
    She is a gem, and you will do great with her
    and so thankful Rachel is along to help ease that transition!!!
    Keep up the great work mama-I will keep praying-
    Love ya

  4. Praise God frim whom all blessings flow!! I'm over-the-moon happy to hear about this amazing new daughter you and Perry have!!

  5. Sweet friend!! I am soooo happy for you. I missed sending you goodby and good luck before you left. Praying for you though since saw you were FINALLY going for your daughters. Jenny sounds fun! Pretty too.
    Love and some big hugs!!!
    P.S. My anna and miriam wanted to eat those noodles bowls every day in china. Still trying to find some here that are as good in asian stores. I couldn't eat them (not gluten free) but it sure was easy to pick tbem up for the girls and new toddlers we got .

  6. What a great idea to take Rachel with you! I'm sure she helps to put Jenny at ease. When do you get Sarah Grace?

  7. It sounds like Jenny is one amazing young girl, and will keep your family laughing. :) I hope you all get a good night's rest.


  8. Kim,

    We are so excited for you and your growing family! God is so faithful!! It sounds as if she has a personality similar to your wonderful personality.

    Prayers and blessings,

  9. That is so good!
    Very happy for y'all!!
    Hope everything continues to go this well!

  10. Awww!! I love her Kim. So happy for you all. Praying.

  11. Oh Kim!!!!!!!! I am in tears!!!! God is just SO great!!!!! She is just going to SO fit in!!!!! WOW! She is also SMILING in 2 of her pics!!!!! LOVE it! She is beautiful!!!!!!! Oh Kim, I am just SO happy for you! I bet she is going to be a huge help with Sarah Grace!!! Love you dear friend!

  12. Congratulations!! We were you are now 8 months ago. We also stayed at the Mayflower and had Michael for our guide. Please tell him hello from the Wanless family. We adopted Savannah in May. She is also from Wuhan. You can check out our blog at
    our blog on the trip was
    I am not sure if you know about the grocery store around the corner from the Mayflower. If you take a left out of the motel then go down to the large intersection and take another left....just passed the McDonalds is steps that lead downward and that will take you to the store. We bought many items there.
    She looks so happy and I am happy for you all!! I hope you don't mind but I will be following your trip to you next daughter and until you come home!! We will be praying!!