Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pondering pictures

We received new pictures of Sarah - but I have waited to post them. I was thrilled to see her foster family, and know these will be a keepsake for her.  But I can't help but ponder the grief she will feel at leaving such a lovely family... 

After a wait more than a year on this side, it is hard to have only a few pictures of your child's growth.  No descriptions of her milestones, her daily joys, achievements, and challenges.  Every little smile - or frown - makes you wonder what she's thinking, feeling, and worrying about.  While we know her eye needs treatment immediately, and her future is dim with visible differences, a 6 year old isn't thinking that far ahead.  This orphanage prepares the children well, but what child can be fully prepared to leave everything - and everyone - familiar behind?  I can't wait to meet this little one, but am praying daily that God will enable me to understand  her needs and comfort her in this transition.  Praying for her foster family as well and the grief they may feel at saying goodbye to such a treasure.

The ladies to the right are the orphanage staff, I am guessing the smiling lady in the purple turtleneck is her foster mother.  Foster brother at bottom left.

A little bit of a smile :)

Please pray for Sarah and Jenny this month - for the upcoming losses in their lives - and for the transition to a completely different language and culture.  Please pray that I will have wisdom and insight from Jesus - who understands our needs before we make them known - to give the girls the love and care they need during our long travels - without the ability to communicate in their heart language.  Lastly, pray that we will enjoy our time in China - despite all these concerns, as I get to know my new daughters.  

On a lighter note, please pray that I'll be able to pack all the unknown sizes I may need for both girls into two suitcases - it's not looking good...!  Praises to the God who walks before us and with us, and cares about even the smallest details of our lives.



  1. Praying, that God will give them strength and peace during this time of transition. Praying too for this foster mom. That has to be so hard, watching a child you raised and loved leave.

  2. I have been praying for your journey and for the girls (all four of them!) as this will be an overwhelming time to transition for them all. I love you dear friend and I know that the Lord will pave the way for all that is to be. I can't wait to meet your sweet new daughters.


  3. Kim, You are an amazing woman. These girls will be blessed to call you Mom.

  4. Don't worry too much about the clothes; don't over pack. You can get some things there to last you until you get home. It might be fun for them to pick out things they like and it will give you an early glimpse into their personalities in what they choose. It can also help them bond with each other.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog. We are also adopting 2 girls from China (4 & 5). They are both with foster families and I too struggle with the loss they will all feel, girls and foster families. You will be in our prayers. I will be following your blog!