Saturday, November 12, 2011

Electronics Obsession

The whole electronics thing for travel has become an obsession for me recently. I've got Rosetta Stone on laptop, kiddie apps for iPad, Kindle books, iPod with everything from Chinese Dora the Explorer to Cd sermons, cameras - both still and video - yikes! I'm trying to figure out what can be left behind - even now as I try to email this post to blogger from iPad! Skype has been set up on all devices, and this techno amateur is trying to get a Chinese phone number to avoid the panda phone. If it doesn't provide fun for kids, I don't want to carry it. Sooooo....let's see if this iPad post works..... Blessings, Kim

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  1. Yahoo!!!! It worked - but it wasn't pretty....

  2. How does one get a Chinese phone number? I have to learn from the pro's! I am looking forward to following your journey to your beautiful girls!

  3. Hey Vicky! I'm not can get a Skype US number and when they call the number, it rings on your iPhone via Skype - no charges! But there didn't appear to be a good China #. I"m going to check again - I'll let you know. :) I found some really great apps for kids to play with - I'll list them in a post eventually after trying them out with my girls at home! Glow Draw and Doodle buddy are two of their favorites for fun!

  4. Good job techie! Hope I get to take advantage of your genius in China. You are WAY ahead of me in preparations!