Saturday, August 2, 2014

Small Town 5K!

We all headed down to the elementary school to do the "Wayne 5K" this morning.  Nana and I were the road crew, encouragers, and picture takers. :)  The fire chief came out to stop traffic - right after this guy rode by...

They all filed out to the road

And off they went!  Having fun as they went by.

Then they started to spread out... Sarah came first and later ran the entire way with the lady in the green shirt.  She chatted enough to find out they had the same February birthday!

Next came Jenny with Dad hot on her heels....

Next was Rachel - all by herself and enjoying the quiet

And Diva Katie who was running her very 1st 5K!

The order switched a bit - as Perry caught up with Sarah - but she ran it in for a fast finish.  Sarah was the surprise winner and then proceeded to run back and forth with each girl as they ran in.  She has amazing energy!  Each girl had a personal best and all had fun!

Then we stopped by the library bake sale for some well earned treats - Loon cookies!  Love small town Saturdays. 

And yes, for those of you doing the crunch challenge - we got those in, too!  



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