Saturday, July 26, 2014

Raspberry Festival!

Every year we go to the East Winthrop Baptist Church Raspberry Festival.  We actually plan our kids' flights around the event! :)

The Church ladies (and men) get together and make pies and other goodies to sell as a fundraiser and I buy enough for our family, friends, and Church on Sunday.  They are yummy and have the best crust!  It took me a while to notice the cross placed at the top of each pie...

One of the Church families owns a raspberry farm and donates raspberries to make sauce for the home made waffle breakfast.  Topped off with whipped cream and sides of bacon and sausage make it a big "Isa no-no" but a once a year treat. :)

Our friend, Richard, takes everyone for a ride in his Model A Ford - we're looking young compared to the car! :)

The kids loved the rumble seat and the men loved the classic car

But most of all, we enjoyed fellowship with the New England Brethren. :)  We finished off the morning with a quick trip to the Blueberry Farm for some afternoon snacks

Enjoying fun on the lake and peaceful afternoons.  Looking forward to sharing our goodies at Church tomorrow!



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