Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year! (and an answer)

I had so much fun today that I forgot to take pictures! It was wonderful to fellowship with fellow adoptive moms - we've been too closed in this winter and haven't made time for fellowship.   It was great to see Annie's girls and how much they've changed since they've been home.  Lucy is a terror on her new wheels, and they both look so happy!

I love Angie R's boys - they're so funny and always smiling.  I had to take a pic of Angie - can't believe how much weight she's lost.  She looks awesome!

Eva made the cutest "Great Wall of China cake."

The girls all had a great time playing with the little ones and we had a beautiful spring day in the midst of winter. :)

Praising God for such a wonderful group of friends - all with the same heart for adoption.  When we returned home, we got the news that the child we had been praying about was put on hold.  God opens and shuts doors - praising HIM that she'll have a mom and dad and be an orphan no more.




  1. Kim, how your heart must soar at this news! God is amazing! I love the fact that she will have a home and your willingness to be open to God's perfect plan for her and your family!

    What a blessing to live close to so many wonderful families! (I'm almost jealous)

  2. Vicky, we wish you were closer too! Had a great day and Kim, it was so nice to catch up some. Let's make it a priority in the months to come!