Sunday, January 12, 2014

Faith vs. Finances

A few months ago, I saw an aging out girl on the waiting list.  Nothing new, but this particular child stayed on my mind.  A few weeks later, her file disappeared and I happily hoped she'd found her family.  I was almost relieved - because THIS child tugged at my heart - and we're still recovering financially from our dual adoption a few years ago.

With six children - two in college, and four still to go, it doesn't make financial sense to adopt again.  Hubby works hard and he is nearing retirement.  Our home will need huge renovations soon - all our appliances, roof, even our downstairs air conditioner is nearing 20 years old.  They can't live forever and they are certainly beating the odds!  One upstairs bathroom shower overflowed into my dining room this week, necessitating big repairs, and Katie (along with Jenny) gets braces put on this month. We're tightening our belts to make ends meet.

Where do financial considerations end and does faith begin?  

Because THIS week,  THIS child showed up on the list again...And for lots of reasons, she looks like she belongs here.  And for no reason at all, she stays on my mind more than all the others who are waiting.

I wish these kiddos weren't on the other side of the world, and I wish the bureaucrats, whose meddling has doubled the cost of adoption over the last ten years, would stay out of the adoption business.  But wishing never accomplishes anything, and so this problem will be devoted to prayer.  Please join me in praying for a loving family for this precious child, and pray that our will would align with Christ's in caring for the most vulnerable among us.




  1. Prayed for you all and this child just this morning my friend!

  2. Praying, I know all too well about a child staying on your heart . . . she now lives in my home too!

    I pray that God would give your clear direction and that this child finds a forever family before it is too late.

    God has a little princess on my heart that I am praying for!

    God's ways are higher . . . trust HIM!

    Prayers and (Hugs)

  3. It is such a tough call..will try to pray this week for you to have peace one way or another....aging out children can really tug at our hearts,and it is not easy to know!!,

  4. I sure understand the "tug at the heart" feeling! Even though most of us try not to allow financial issue to get in the way of bringing these kids home, it's a reality. Repairs/replacements, tuition, and retirement can certainly sway our decision. God's already got a plan in place for you, and it may or may not involve adding another child in the family. But He always makes provision for His purpose and I'm praying He guides you according to His will.

  5. Right there with you! praying for one that stays on my mind, but finances won't allow. Praying for families, praying for our will to be His will. Blessings to you!