Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Need prayer!

Calling all prayer warrior friends to pray for two wonderful boys who have been on the shared waiting list for nearly five years.  I can’t imagine why they’re still waiting as both boys have such wonderful things written about them by everyone they meet!  They are smart, talented, and kind.  They are reportedly good big brothers to the other foster children in their homes and are in age appropriate school grades.  Please commit to pray for these boys as they have no advocate other than those of you who are willing to stand in the gap.  Put their picture on your fridge and remember them when you pray with your family.  PLEASE listen to their stories - first is “Gage.”

He is described as very, very smart and an excellent artist.  He drew a few sketches for some visitors recently and they were very impressed.  He adds many details to his paintings.  One agency representative says that “he is always on her mind – he is a very special boy.”  He is gentle, kind, and  ALWAYS smiling.  He is good at long distance running.  His special need is the same as our dd’s:  his ears did not form correctly but he hears fine and has titanium implants and surgery to open one of his ear canals wider.   Like our dd Jenny, his speech is not perfect, but it is very good.  Like our dd again, he loves to talk to people and is very outgoing and friendly.  He is 12 years old and really wants a family of his own.  Please help him to find one!

In the same city and foster care program is “Gideon.”

I love this gentle boy and can even imagine him in our family full of girls! J  His special need is a mild form of Hemophilia.  I have already had his medical information evaluated by our local Hemophilia clinic and can make that info available to any interested family.  He cannot play contact sports, but loves to run, play chess, and read.  He is a straight A student and is loved by all his neighbors.  He is said to be a good big brother to his younger foster brothers.  He is 11 years old and you can see a video of him HERE.

Both of these boys are in an excellent foster care program, but have little hope for a good future due to their orphan status and special needs.  Please let me know if you can faithfully pray for these boys.  After advocating for six months, still not one family has asked for more information.  I know their families are out there somewhere – please help to find them. J  There are no surprises in their files – just nice boys who need a mom and dad to love them.  Any agency can pull their files.  I can give you the name of one agency whose staff has met them both.

Last but not least, I recently read an article about a 30 year old man who is now facing cancer.  Because he was never adopted, he will face it alone.  The pain of not having a family NEVER goes away.  Please pray that these boys will know the love of a family before it’s too late.

Blessings, Kim


  1. Our Jimmy has two BAHAs (post adoption), but "Gage" already has one?! Jimmy was in a model SW in well-to-do Shenzhen and yet at age seven he had no hearing accommodations so I was shocked to read that Gage got a BAHA while still an orphan! Did I read that right? If so, I'm impressed with the care he's received!! I pray they both find families soon!

  2. My grandson has hemophilia and lives with me! It is a very doable special need. I would be happy to answer questions about hemophilia for anyone interested! If I had the money and the room, I would take both of these guys! They are too cute!

    1. That's perfect, Vicky!! Thank you!!

  3. Lifting up these boys.....and their families to find them!