Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beach Evangelism!

We met an evangelism team on the Beach this morning.  They've been out all week - but this time Sarah really hoped they'd come and talk to her some more about Jesus.  But they passed us by every time.  Finally, she made her way over and one of the girls asked if she could play.  I told them she REALLY wanted to talk about Jesus and they were excited to spend some time with her. :)

They had a great time talking with the girls - and Sarah told me that it really helped her to understand more. The team read some scripture with all of the girls and played some games.  They had a great time!

They were a sweet bunch of girls with a Baptist team called Mfuge.  I hope they know they planted yet another seed in our sweet Sarah's heart. :)

The kids persuaded big bro' to hit the waves with them - which gave me time to close my eyes and pray a little for the teams.

Hoping God opens hearts to the Good News.  It's hard for folks to stop and listen during their busy lives and vacations.  It was great seeing such a big group of kids giving a little of their time this summer to talk about Jesus with strangers.  What a fun day on the beach!



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