Monday, April 15, 2013

My Pastor reads my fb page

I’m sure of it.  Every weekend is a different sermon addressing where I’ve fallen short – how I’ve been filled with anxiety over this or that, been quarrelsome about my opinions, discouraged with the way the culture is headed, etc.  Occasionally, it’s kudos, but most often correction and direction.

This week, I carefully veiled “my issues” and sent the prayer requests out privately.  I figured someone else in the congregation needed some work and it was going to be my weekend off from conviction.  Not so.

The Lord knows our hearts, and sends his servants to counsel us – the Holy Spirit uses our Pastors to teach all and one at the same time.  This Sunday was no different and the message was clear; wait on God. 

The precious thing was how his servant worded it, and my fellow adoptive mamas will appreciate the message.  In short, the Pastor told us that women have “an innate sense of how the world ought to be.”  And the best part was that “we’re right.” :)  But then the clincher: even when we’re trying to make things right, we must wait on God to lead through our husbands, as God uses them to direct our hearts and purposes.  God has a good plan and perfect timing – and only within those parameters can His glory be accomplished.  I know this well – but need reminding constantly.

Trusting God doesn’t mean counting on Him to make our wishes come true - it means counting on Him to know what’s best -when it’s best.  It means trusting Him with all our goods, talents (or lack thereof), timing, and circumstances.  It means putting His will first and ours second, and remaining joyful when the two don’t match.  It means living in the present and trusting the future to the only one who knows it. 

Thanking God today for seeing through my best efforts at concealment.

Blessings, Kim


  1. Thanks! That one was for me too.

    1. You're welcome, Maria. I think we all struggle with this when our hearts are with these children. :)

  2. Wow and awesome Kim! Does this give you some peace sweet friend?

  3. Laughing and crying with you ( and groaning a little ;)).

  4. Great message! I guess I'm in husband to say wait! :-D
    Blessings sweet friend!