Saturday, April 27, 2013

Golf Divas

After watching Guangzhou resident, Guan Tianlang, play in the Masters Tournament, my resident Divas finally found a sport that requires little to no sweat - golf.

They found out that the equipment comes in **pink**, and the 9 hole group revolves around snacks at the club afterwards...

But most of all - DAD loves this game and will spend lots of time teaching and playing with them...

I guess I'll have to brush the cobwebs off my old bag and see if my shoes still fit.  Golf is about my pace after my AT rupture last year and we can walk right out the back gate to play.  And since Mother's Day is coming, maybe I could spruce up my 15 year old clubs with something like this:

Note the little flowers on the side.  Hopefully, hubby is reading my blog. :)

For other golf enthusiasts, there is a little boy on the waiting list who has a very mild case of hemophilia.  His condition doesn't require hospital visits for injuries, but it's best to do non-colliding sports as big collisions make for bigger "bruises."

He loves to run, and golf would be the perfect sport for this child as there is nearly no chance of big injuries (unless you are like my girls and walk exuberantly behind golfers in mid-swing continuously - but that takes special "talent")  His list name is "Gideon" and he hails from a golf crazy town. He loves to play chess, read, and does very well in school (he is a straight A student.)  He is loved by his foster family and neighborhood, and would love to have a family of his own. I have a doctor's evaluation of his file for anyone interested.  His video can be seen here  Please pass the word about this lovely boy - he is a hidden treasure on the shared list.

Blessings, Kim

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