Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Father Daughter Dance!

The homeschool group hosts an annual Father Daughter Dance each year, and it is something the girls look forward to greatly.  This year was Jenny and Sarah's first time attending.  As you can see - they had LOTS of fun:

I got to work the food table and wander around taking pictures.  The most precious moment of the night was when Jenny waited eagerly to "learn how to dance" during a slow song with her dad.  She was very nervous about doing it wrong, but concentrated so hard to learn the steps.  I took this sweet picture - she was so proud of herself.

I can't even imagine this sweet girl not being here with us, and we were so close to saying "it was to much" when trying to add her on to the almost finished adoption of Sarah.  Thank you Dick, Michael,  Dr. J., and Denise for believing in us and helping us quickly get the information we needed.  We were so nervous, and the video, info, and pics we received -literally 24 hours after we requested them - enabled us to confidently confirm in our hearts that this was our daughter. (even though the medical opinion was really, really, bad news - you know it's your daughter when you "just don't care." :)  I think back to my "Beauty for Ashes" post, and I'm so blessed to see this beautiful girl blooming in her new life.

But back to the fun...all the homeschool girls were so cute - especially the littlest ones.  Jennifer's daughter, home 2 months and a cancer survivor, joined right in the party!

Did I mention that Homeschool Dads rock?!  I've never seen such a fun bunch of guys - and my Pastor Richard Brown leads the pack.

It's such a wonderful event where the girls can have fun with their dads, learn to dance, and not worry about all the nervousness and awkwardness of a date-dance sort of thing.

Thanks to all who made this night magical for our girls.

Blessings, Kim

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. 
John 10:10

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  1. What a great event, how special for all the girls!