Monday, July 16, 2012

A Story and a Call to Action

As I logged on and saw my last post and all the cute dresses, I realized that some might think about how our girls are more materially well off then they were in China.  While that is the case for most orphans, they care very little for the goodies and gifts that come their way.  The joy in their faces comes from belonging – having a mom and a dad, forever brothers and sisters, grandmas, grandpas and even cousins.  The security of knowing that love surrounds them on every side – no matter what happens – and that they are cherished by many.  I don’t think we can quantify that feeling – and most of us take that status for granted - every day.

Today, I read about a boy who feels the pain of not belonging – who knows he is missing the love of a family – and who desperately longs for this attachment.  His name is Joseph, and his story is here:

 “Joseph is losing hope” is how it begins, and his story is heartbreaking.  He is well cared for in a loving foster care community – but he is aware that of what he is missing – and aches for what most of us take for granted. 

Family love.
Family ties.

There are so many children, some in adequate or even good circumstances, others in horrific conditions, but all longing only for the simple status of “cherished child.”  They don’t need or wish for entertainment, toys, or material comfort – just a mom and dad.  There are so many who can be just that for a child – so many living on the edge of blessings  - hesitant to take that first step.  Read Joseph’s story and make up your mind to be that family for one of these children – here at home or abroad.    

Do it for Joseph.   

Love, Kim


  1. Oh, Kim... you are SO right! My Rachel watched so many children leave the orphanage and wondered when it might be her turn. Even after being home for 6 months, she still could think of nothing more wonderful than having a mommy and daddy of her own! When the "Make a Wish" organization asked her what she wanted more than anything in the world, she said their was absolutely nothing! Her greatest wish had already come true!... A mommy and daddy of her own!!!! Puts everything in perspective, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thank you for posting this. Your post, and the other one has touched my heart deeply.

    1. Please share about Joseph - I heard that a family asked about him the yesterday - pray!

  3. Praying he finds his family and his dream comes true!