Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loneliness and Quiet time

Well - the ankle is getting better - but I've got a long way to go.  There's no doubt that God orchestrated this event, and I'm listening carefully to anything He's trying to teach me during this recovery.  As I've posted before, my kids have been huge blessings and have really stepped up to the plate with cooking, shopping, etc.  Once I was fairly self sufficient, I sent them off on our annual trip to Maine so at least some of their summer could be salvaged.  The big guys stayed here to work and drive me to physical therapy, etc.

So Dad packed up four girls and the dog and made the trek north to cooler weather.

They're having a great time playing games and hanging out at Nana's house.  In the meantime, I have safe run (read limp) of the house without doggies and kiddos to trip me up during these wobbly weeks of rehab.

But I'm lonely for the noise and chaos, and thankful I have my big kids here with me.

I've had more time to rest and connect with the adoption community again - and can't wait to follow along with many local friends who are headed out to meet their children.  I also came across this terrific boy while reading through my friend Annie's website update:

He's bright, positive, and really wants a family.  He likes fishing, basketball, and ping pong.  He was recently moved from his foster family of 5 years back to the orphanage - and he misses them terribly.  His best friend is very similar and even more dangerously close to aging out.  His pic is below and he has until March to find a family.  His hope is "to become a useful person" in the future.

Perhaps all this seat time of recovery was just to give me time to pray for these two guys.  My ankle will heal, but a lifetime without a family is a hurt that never goes away.  Please join me in praying for them to find families before it's too late.  Prayer is the most powerful tool we have to change the world for better.

Blessings, Kim 

The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights. 

Habukkuk 3:19

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