Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome to America!

Today was a "Welcome to America" party for Jenny and Sarah - hosted by my mom and her neighbors - all "Martha Stewarts" in their own right.   The poolhouse was turned into a Patriotic buffet of kiddie delights including a popcorn machine, finger foods and snacks.

The girls each had their own "Welcome cookie cakes" (with American Girl dolls hidden behind them)

And their own watermelon fruit boats at each end of the table

To say they were thrilled was an understatement!  Mary M. introduced the girls to everyone and then they received many gifts and their American Girl dolls: "Ivy Ling" (a tomboy for Jenny) and "Emily" who has red hair and the same name as Sarah's favorite teen English tutor (also with red hair) - Emily J.  Jenny loved the Chinese "Jesus Loves You" necklace from Carrie - thank you so much for that keepsake, Carrie!

The girls and I are sporting the $5 Old Navy tees - get them now adoptive families for your homecoming pics!

Cousins Connor and Cole were big helps setting up - there were welcome posters for all the guests to sign and red, white, and blue balloons everywhere!  The girls were THRILLED with all their friends and family coming together and letting them know how happy we are to have them!  We had to delay the party because of my injury, and it worked out so well - the girls understood what it was all about and were familiar with all the guests - they were overjoyed with the attention and excitement!

Advocates Annie and Angie showed up - after a grueling morning garage sale - the girls were thrilled to see their kiddos - and it was the first time I've seen my friends since my "forced captivity" with my achilles rupture.  LOVE these girls - thanks so much for coming at the end of a long day!

Chelsea and her crew were there (Asher always makes me smile!), Amy P., Carrie W., Marie and family, Dorita and Tiffany, Carolyn W., Erika, and finally Kimmi Brown and the Wilkins topped off the day to make it a list of all my favorite peeps - LOVE you all!  I was happier to see everyone than the girls!

And finally - all the wonderful ladies that worked so hard to make a magical day for our girls:  THANK YOU, Mary, Sue, Pat, Cindy, Barbie, and Mom for making memories for a lifetime for Jenny and Sarah!!

Jenny and all the girls - including Rachel - keep telling me "how happy" they are tonight - over and over.

Better late than never - these girls know how cherished and special they are - not only to us but to all of you.  Every girl should know this - and these two do.  Jenny told me that she can't believe how many people love them already.  Thank you for giving them that gift.  Love, Kim


  1. Love the Old Navy tee's. I bought Gavin one! I found some Hello Kitty dresses in RW&B for the girls!

    How sweet of your mom and friends to bless your girls with such a great party! I am so grateful to have been allowed to bring both girls home at the same time.

  2. What a GREAT idea and looks super fun. I'm glad to see you up on your feet. Are you still using crutches? Everyone looks well and very happy. I'm leaving in about two weeks!

  3. I'm keeping one crutch for security, but I can hobble around on my medical boot now. :) It's nice to have 2 hands free. No driving yet - sigh. It's amazing what you can do online now - even grocery shop!

  4. Aww!! Love all the decorations! How fun for the girls! (and you too!!) Glad to see you up! And great idea about the Old Navy tees..will get mine this week! :)

  5. It was a lot of fun and it was SO good to see you and your crew again!!!!

  6. what an awesome day!!
    It amazes me how our kids are so welcomed home and into families-think how special that is to them-they KNOW they are loved!!!
    glad to see you all smiles and loving life!!!